Peter Sheriff

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Senior Instructor: London, Sydney, Melbourne
Peter Sheriff was a Love Systems instructor for almost half a decade - he was the original founder of Love Systems Europe. He taught Love Systems in 8 countries on 4 continents and was renowned for having one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.
Being in the industry for so long had its advantages – Sheriff was known for updating his seminar before every single workshop to take in the latest advances in dating science – the end result being the perfect combination of the tried-and-tested and the cutting-edge.
Having founded Love Systems Europe he took a little time off to start one of London’s hottest club promotions agencies – hosting some of the capital’s hottest parties and rubbing shoulders with celebrities. Not bad for a guy whose agoraphobia used to prevent him from leaving the house when he was 18...
“The bootcamp was hosted by the man, the myth, the legend, that is Sheriff. I can't really say enough good things about Sheriff. It quickly became obvious that he not only knew the material inside out but he had a LOT of experience teaching it and understood why it worked and at what points we as a group had to understand why it worked.”
- R.P. – London
“People who are students of the game in the UK will know that Sheriff is almost always cited as one of the best PUAs and on top of that, an excellent teacher. I have been in education for a long time and the way he taught in the workshops was as competent as any professional lecturer I have witnessed. He’s very smart and clearly has a wealth of experience in life as well as the game with excellent recommendations for extra-curricular reading and lots of cool stories. In-field demonstrations were excellent – he seemed to have a supernatural ability to enter a set and have the women literally all over him for as long as he desired."
- S.D. – London
An Instructor’s Instructor
Sheriff’s list of former apprentices reads like a “Who’s Who” of dating science – top instructors like Mr. M, Braddock, and Soul got their start in Love Systems helping out on Sheriff’s programs.
Sheriff was instrumental in the training of new instructors – running the junior instructor training at the Super Conference and keeping the confidential Love Systems Instructor Manual up-to-date with articles on helping students reach their goals most effectively.
Having built an industry-leading team in London, Sheriff spent half the year building up the team in Australia – he was always on the lookout for former students with the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders, wherever they are in the world.
"Finally, Sheriff, my comrade in arms – a big thank you for everything buddy – what an amazing string of US bootcamps – LA, NYC and Dallas. You’re an amazing guy, a great teacher and a top friend. Legendary dating guru indeed - wouldn’t have rather winged the stars and stripes with anyone else!"
- Mr. M, Senior Love Systems Instructor
"[Sheriff] is really professional, entertaining, and skillful. I really enjoyed his teaching style. Not only does he give students tons of useful information, he teaches the material in a way that forces them to understand why each step of the model works, which I think is extremely important... nobody who takes one of Sheriff's seminars will walk away confused."
- Braddock, Senior Love Systems Instructor
“Sheriff’s experience and success with students, even among other instructors, is legendary – everyone can learn a great deal from him.”
- 5.0, Love Systems Instructor
“Sheriff, as a multi-year veteran of teaching this material, is quite possibly the best public speaker I have ever met in my entire life, outside of Steve Jobs from Apple Computer. I am a UCLA alumni, and I can honestly say that none of my UCLA professors in the 4 years that I attended school there had the warmth, the friendliness, the selflessness, the open-mindedness, the passion for their subject matter, the charisma, the patience, the dedication to their students, and the absolute MASTERY of their subject field like Sheriff.”
- Kisser, Love Systems Instructor


“I've met so many so-called gurus now... the thing that really sticks out about Sheriff is his genuine concern for his students, and the time he spends with each guy making sure that THEY are learning, that THEY are progressing. Combined with one of the most effective seminar techniques I've seen - I can't recommend his programs highly enough.”
- Jonny Paladin, Project Rockstar Member 2008
“Sheriff was the first guy from the course that I met when I walked into the room. He’s a bit like the Clark Kent of Love Systems because he looks just like a friend. I half expected our instructor to be dressed like Mystery or J-dog but Sheriff was just cool and trendy. Once he started teaching us though it was clear he knew just about all there was to know about the pick up. Any questions we had he could help with but the main thing was that HE’S BEEN THERE TOO. I won’t tell his story, but I think it’s safe to say that everyone in the room understood that no matter how bad we thought we had been in the past Sheriff had been there too.”
- M.H., London
“You can just sense that every piece of knowledge Sheriff gives out to you is based on or born out of his personal experiences in dealing with women and with dating. It is related to his own life trajectory. Almost everything he told us I would rate absolute truth from the mountain. His honesty was impressive and commanded great respect at the same time. I think this guy totally rocks and everyone should be happy, if he is able to take a bootcamp with Sheriff.”
- M.T., Munich


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