Mr. M has been widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of dating science and social dynamics. He features as one of the main characters in the unofficial sequel to "The Game" - "Myths and Masters of the Game." He has pioneered such breakthroughs as DATE! The Complete Home Study Course, the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course, the Inner Game Seminar, the Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game, and the Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation DVD. He is also the founder and lead instructor of the international dating industry's premier lifestyle and pick up program: Project Rockstar.

In the beginning, Mr. M was hopeless with women. He had his first kiss at 20 years old. After deciding to do something about this, Mr. M made a dramatic life change and embarked upon a voyage of learning from the greatest dating gurus worldwide. For over four years Mr. M learned inner game, outer game, social dynamics and attraction.

Mr. M exemplifies the achievable progression from having zero success to abundance.


Training Method

Mr. M inspires students not only to learn techniques, but also to discover their innate social intelligence and humor.

Through implementing the INNER GAME mind-sets and paradigm shifts necessary to succeed with women and combining them with his own unique and powerful techniques, Mr. M imbues his students with life changing confidence, skill and ability.

With over two years of teaching experience and some of the most outstanding teaching reviews in the dating industry (see reviews below), Mr. M is one of the most experienced and successful dating coaches in the industry. Students consistently report amazing success after learning from him (see reviews below).

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From: varick212 (Zurich Bootcamp led by Mr M)
I know it sounds cliche, but I just came from 3 days that completely changed my life… What was amazing was that some of the sets actually told him [Mr M] to more or less fuck off, but he persisted, and in the end, he actually ended up making out with a few of them. I personally was extremely impressed to see Mr M, a 5'6" Asian dude (though he is jacked), making out with hot blondes using a direct approach… Oh and you guys need to see 5.0 and Mr M in the field, truly amazing, truly amazing. These are normal dudes who evolved into guys with unbelievable skills.
-The Attraction Forums.

From: Kisser (LA Bootcamp led by Mr M)
As an example of our teacher's *COMPLETE MASTERY* of the subject matter, Mr. M accomplished something absolutely amazing during the course of the bootcamp. MR. M SUCCESSFULLY PICKED UP AN ACTUAL PLAYBOY MODEL and SPENT THE NIGHT IN HER HOTEL ROOM. Let me reiterate: this is not a woman who LOOKS like a Playboy model, but a GENUINE PLAYBOY MODEL that you can look up on Playboy's website and see amazing spreads of her unreal body at That's right, folks -- Mr. M TOOK HOME A PLAYBOY MODEL and we were there to witness it. For those in the back corner who may not have heard it, I just want to yell it aloud one more time: MR. M TOOK HOME A PLAYBOY MODEL!
-The Attraction Forums.

From: Tassimo (London Bootcamp led by Mr M)
I am now posting my intended thread a week after the London boot-camp. I feel this delay has actually made my post a little fuller, but the underlying message stays the same. BEG, BORROW, STEAL (OKAY, MAYBE NOT STEAL) THE MONEY TO GO ON ONE OF THESE BOOTCAMPS. IF YOU’RE PREPARED TO MAKE THE EFFORT, SHORT OF A LOTTERY WIN I DOUBT ANYTHING ELSE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE QUITE AS MUCH!
-The Attraction Forums.

From: Ssnake (New York Bootcamp led by Mr M)
Mr. M introduced himself as an example of how Love Systems can work for anyone... for all those guys with hangups about their height, looks, or race, Mr. M is proof that all these factors can be overcome. Did I mention that he tailors his game exclusively toward 9s and 10s, and has never failed to get a woman after a second date? Mr. M starts talking about different ways to transition and isolation techniques. He then goes into depth about attraction, explaining what is attractive, stories to tell that highlight your positive qualities, and causing emotional responses in a woman... Mr. M goes over ways to be fun and interesting, cold reads, important frames to establish, social proof, how to react to things she says and does; physical escalation was explained in depth... there's just too much to list… A funny thing happened that night. A guy saw me approach these two women, came over, and said to me: 'Are you a natural? I saw you talking to those women over there, you've got game, man!'
-The Attraction Forums.

From: Braddock, Love Systems Instructor
Mr. M has quite possibly the best game I've ever seen in person… Mr. M is fucking unreal. He handles 10s with fucking ease! I hope I get to spend more time with him, because we really hit it off and his game is on another level. He day gamed a fucking 12 and he and I met up with the 12 and her hot friend for a second date after the second night of the boot camp. This woman was fucking unreal hot, guys! Your fearless leader was impressed.
Source: Braddock’s Blog

From: Pull the Trigger (London Bootcamp led by Mr M)
You can't help but like Mr. M... He’s got an easy smile and like Sheriff is a MASTER. Mr. M showed me the nuances and details behind the stages like qualifying and body language. I can honestly say that without Mr. M I know that it would have taken me a LOT longer to grasp subtleties like how to convey higher quality through body language and how to deliver openers so that they are twice as effective! The best thing was that with Mr. M as your wingman, approaching women became FUN!! He’s such a master at this stuff… When I thought the interaction turned bad, he demonstrated how to turn it around and snatch victory from the jaws of disaster. He has the ability to spot the next area of development and guide you through it. Each approach with Mr. M I improved dramatically...
-The Attraction Forums.

From: Lumberjack (Dallas Bootcamp led by Mr M)
Fantastic product. Nothing compares to what you will get out of going to a boot camp. Mr. M and Sheriff came through with some cutting edge game that I had never heard of in all of my reading. They put everything from the books into a whole new light.
-The Attraction Forums.


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