Masters is a former Green Beret in the United States Army and a master of subtle detail. When working with students, Masters is able to refine an approach down to its essential elements and leave them with the tools necessary for permanent success in their game.

Since as far back as junior high school, Masters set his sights on the hottest women he could find with little to no success. After picking up Neil Strauss' book "The Game" Masters was thrown into a whole new world of possibilities and worked to develop his skill set with skyrocketing success. Now, trained by some of the world's best pickup artists, including Style and Sinn, Masters has gone from little success to astounding results with extremely beautiful women.



Sinn, Masters and the other instructors have the program wired and give you the "tough love" approach that you really need to get your ass in gear and out in the field... If you are thinking about signing up or are on the fence, get your head out of your ass, pony up and take your licks like a man at the Bootcamp. It may just change your life...


Masters bombarded me with tons of great feedback on my delivery of the material which opened a lot better after several sets! I also really liked how Masters was coaching me as I was doing a set in real time. After locking in, Masters shouted some advice to me and totally helped me after I temporarily blanked out.


I was with Masters pretty much the whole night. I totally loved it. Masters was great. He would break down each approach right away.


someone teaching me whose attitude, energy, and confidence is what I wanted to a tee.


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