Mark V had it kinda rough growing up in a little town in Holland.

His appearance was different from the people around him, and he was interested in drawing comics, something that was not done in the village where he lived. That led to a lot of disappointment and anger on his part. He remembers the first 17 years of his life mainly as being angry. Needless to say, women were not a big part of his life back then.

Nevertheless, he pursued his dream of being a cartoonist and became published very early on after dedicating all of his energy and time to it. Women started to be interested in him after this, and he would hook up with girls every now and then, sometimes even as a girlfriend. But the girls he really wanted seemed to lose interest before anything materialized.

When Mark read about Love Systems, something just clicked. He went out and with this new knowledge his success with women seemed to increase immediately. That little bit of success was the impetus for him to enroll in a Mr. M bootcamp, and that’s where he also met Vercetti, Jeremy Soul, and Keychain, all of whom have played a significant role in his rapid improvements.

Mark went out four nights a week for over two years trying everything in the book and more. Now he is dating the women he only dreamed about before. He has had one night stands with a Playmate and other celebrities, and knows what it is like to grow from hopeless to supernova in as little time possible.



Mark V, Instructor, Biography, pick up artist


"Mark V (the guy with one arm who recently wrote a post on the LSi newsletter - a f**ing awesome guy who seriously rocks): 'The thing about compliance is that you have to show value in order to get it. Getting her to high-five you and her letting you f**k her in the ass is all compliance - they are just at opposite ends of the spectrum.' - (still laughing now as I write this).

"Saw how both Mark V and Mr. M could speak to girls that I was talking to, and their body language would just change and the girls would, well, melt. It was amazing to just watch that scene unfold - just to know that there are guys who can just walk up to a woman and then 'pow' she's hugely into them."

- The Attraction Forums
"I have to give credit to Mark V, the first instructor to work with me in-field. Mark V, you're amazing! Man, I'll never forget how you pushed me to walk all the way across the room and approach those two girls like I owned the place. Thank you!"

- The Attraction Forums
"Mark is living proof that anything is possible. This guy is hilarious. He managed to pick up the hottest girl in the club with ease and had her eating out of his hand (and he only has one due to losing an arm). He is testament to the fact that it doesn't matter what your background or situation is; none of it matters."

- The Attraction Forums
"Call him Mark V or Diglar, but to me this cartoonist is the Dutch master. I love this guy. As an assistant to Cajun, he took me under his wing and treated me like his little brother on the first night. He observed my game then gave me tips that changed the trajectory of my bootcamp for the better and encouraged me non-stop.

"He taught me how to take what many may believe is your disadvantage and make it your advantage. He has mastered body language. I watched him in a set where he sat in silence for 15 minutes before getting a kiss close!"

- The Attraction Forums

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