#8 Pick-Up Artist in the World 2009, Thundercat List

Having travelled all over the world teaching dating science, Keychain shows up with a passion for elite social skills and a wealth of teaching experience to get you on the fast track to success.

'Money! If you get a chance, watch this guy in field. Anyone with a problem in escalation or who wants to get fast closes, Keychain is hands down the guy to talk to.' - Mr.M

He first encountered Love Systems as one of the original members of Project Rockstar, an "8-week, full time, 'Game 2.0' program designed to transform participants not simply into traditional pick up artists, but the next level of seduction masters and masters in social dynamics." After hours and countless hours spent in-field day after day, grueling theory sessions and a complete lifestyle overhaul, Keychain was transformed. This man knows what it takes to get good fast.

The best seducers know that the most potent game is specifically tailored to personal identity. On the streets and in the club, Keys specializes in working closely with you to build your own unique style of game that gets real results for you – game with an edge. The reviews speak for themselves.

He believes that with a centered mindset, a positive lifestyle and a personalized skill set (all achievable), any man can enjoy overwhelming success with women.

Keychain is currently based in London, U.K.



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'I've made more progress in a few hours with him, than probably hundreds of hours unaided...and to think there was a point in my life when I thought I would die a virgin.'
- Will33t
‘Keychain not only has great game, he's a fucking awesome dude. A really genuine, solid good guy…’
– Sasha
‘His game was proven in an outstanding demo the first time I met him which showed he wasn't hype .’
- Wisdom
‘What keychain is especially good at is pushing the person he's coaching to do stuff which is way outside of their reality, as it is well-within his, and afterwards he instantly gives personalised and highly practical feedback which is easy and natural to incorporate on the next occasion it comes up... which is usually straight away knowing Key's style! Also, with me, he gets results, which is what I'm after. I look forward to more sessions with him and would recommend him highly for anyone serious and motivated about getting great game.’
– Wisdom
‘Keychain has a quiet, gentle calm that is infectious. It worked to keep me cool and I watched him work it on a little Asian hottie in a black dress later that night.’
– Monk
‘He plays a nice tight game, obviously perfected through serious in-field experience, which is the type of guy you learn the most from. …If you get a chance to do a 1on1 or just hang out with him - do! ...I totally believe he'll help you get your game up and running in no time. And you'll get to hang out with a good guy in the process.’
- Pope
‘Just come back from my 1-on-1 with Keychain, and I have to say it was absolutely awesome….I was pretty nervous, but he put me at ease, and he really empowered me…Keychain is awesome…I would totally recommend him, he's a great guy, really supportive, a good teacher, and I'm looking forward to doing this again sometime!’
– Prize
‘As I approached women, we began to chip away at my technique, refining it with each approach…After each approach, a new step would be added, this was systematic and clear, one step at a time, getting it right then on to the next.’
– Student X
‘I definitely recommend him for anyone, honestly. I had a 1-0n-1 with the guy…I saw him in live action and got see how calm he was about the whole approach; he really does have a high level of composure and is in control of his emotions…He’s a blast to hang out with and a person who really listens to you and gives you awesome feedback on how to get to the next level. I strongly encourage anyone to take up a 1-on-1 with him because he does his best to guide you on your path and a better quality life.’
– Fantazma
’I would pay Keychain to coach me more. And considering I have plenty of nice women in my life, I think that is saying something.’
– Will33t
‘He's also got a bunch of other interesting shit going on in his life, which makes him different from many other PUAs, and isn't weird, which again sets him apart from the majority of PUAs…Oh, and he's good. Very, very good. But then again, he learned from the best ;)’
– Dr. Yen
I was lucky enough to have a one on one with Keychain on Sunday afternoon. What an experience! I went from never having approached a girl during the day in my life, to approaching 4 within about 10-15 minutes and loving it…The buzz is like few things I've experienced……I (not believing this technique was something I could do initially) asked him to demo…So, he caught up with some super-hot Hungarian girl, somehow managed to look like her long-term boyfriend off the bat and being completely centered and calm, got her number, he would also have been on an instant date if he didn't have to babysit some AFC with his mouth open in the corner!...’
– Wisdom
’Just come back from a 1-1 session with Keychain and it was a real success…he put me at ease straight away with his laid back approach to instructing…Keychain is a top guy who is fun to hang out with and has a great positive attitude to game. If you can get some time in with him you wont be disappointed!’
– Peach
’My first impression was "Man this guy doesn't seem a PUA at ALL! He's just and ordinary guys like me.”… Keys keeps encouraging me and says 'now you are going to go direct with that one... go on! and he pushes me before I have time to think. Next thing I know I'm chasing this long legged beauty down the street.’
– Devante
‘I too had a 1-1 with Keychain, all the more memorable because that was literally my first step away from books and towards... people (*gasp*). From 0 to direct openers in less than 1h, what more do I need to say? That guy makes it easy!’
- Joave


Keychain offers one-on-one mentorship through Mastermind (a program based on our instructor training program) with options for infield training in London.


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