Dating Advice - Terminology


What is pre-selection? It is an evolutionary concept, that over the years has been repeatedly tested and proven at parties, bars, clubs, etc. Pre-selection states that women are attracted to men who other women are already attracted to.

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How to Be an Alpha Male

Becoming a true alpha male can be a difficult journey; your outward actions won't get you there. Walking over other guys won't either. Genuine alpha qualities come from a positive feeling of self worth - everything else just follows.

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Approach Anxiety

You want to approach a woman but something, a fear deep inside, stops you and keeps you cemented to the spot with your mouth firmly shut. That something is approach anxiety and it's probably cost you countless girls, ruined your nights out and chipped away at your self-esteem.

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Peacocking is probably one of the more widely-known or "tell-tale" signs that someone is trying to be a pick up artist. Originally popularized and most frequently used by early PUAs, peacocking is only used today by a select few and is considered by most to be inappropriate in the pick up scene.

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Opinion Openers

An opinion opener is a way of starting a conversation with a woman (or women) under the guise of getting her perspective on something. It gives you a reason to approach a woman other than just to hit on her.

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How to Touch Women - 'Kino'

It's not important whether you call it kino, touching or physical contact. The crucial thing is that you do it. Going from being strangers to lovers with a woman is a big jump in intimacy. Touching provides you with the steps to get from one to the other. It builds up sexual tension and keeps you away from the "let's just be friends" zone.

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Last Minute Resistance (LMR)

Last minute resistance (LMR) happens when things seem to be going well with a woman, you get back to the bedroom and... she doesn’t want to take that last step. Last minute resistance will happen to everyone once in a while, but if it’s happening to you more than that, it’s time to take action. Most cases of last minute resistance are solvable.

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Love Systems Triad

The "Love Systems Triad" is finally explained. This is the underlying model which governs almost every stage of an interaction with a woman!


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