Dating Advice - Seduction

Should you Text or Call her?

Some people think the answer is simple, but it's really not. It depends on the situation, how you met her, how attracted she is to you, how close you are to making plans, and so on.

Love Systems instructor Dan Wildcard was voted the #1 Dating Coach in the world in 2015. He recently responded to question in The Love Systems' Lounge about phone vs. text with this 4-minute audio clip. Normally Lounge stuff is strictly confidential, but Dan agreed to make a "public version" of his response to share with you. (If you get the chance, thank him for this).

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Seduce Her - Get the Girl

So everyone is buzzing about “rapid escalation” and “same night lays” and the Love Systems instructors who have developed the techniques to make it all possible for even “average guys.”

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Seduce Her - Avoid the Friend Zone

Hey guys-

Recently we had a mini-seminar in which we took questions from the Love Systems community.  One of the very common themes was how to make things physical. I’m really glad that came up – it’s a subject that resonates a lot with me.

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Get a One Night Stand

There’s been so much going on the past few weeks, and I’ve been so wrapped up in planning the Love Systems Super Conference in Las Vegas that I’ve been kind of neglectful. So, I’ve got lots of different subjects in this week’s LSi: Learn about same night lay potential from Braddock and a new super conference session on 100% social proofing

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Getting Started - Seduction

On Seduction You enter the seduction phase after you and her have spent (usually) at least a few hours together, but not more than about 10. Seduction is a pretty easy element in itself. It goes wrong for a lot of guys, but this is because of mistakes in comfort that only become apparent when you try to close the deal in seduction.

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