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Get Over an Ex

Beatricide - Getting over an Ex

Let's talk about love. One of the most important pieces of literature in the world is a love poem. When Dante Alighieri wrote The Divine Comedy, his intent was to show the journey of a wicked soul transformed by the power of love for a beautiful woman.

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Date a Friend - Social Circle Mastery

Social Circle game used to focus on turning “friends” into “friends with benefits” but we’ve gone far, far beyond this, into actively managing your social circle to produce and attract astoundingly beautiful women, and it only makes our system for turning “let’s just be friends” into “friends with benefits” (or more) even more effective

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Get Your Ex Back

From the desk of Savoy:

Hey guys... the mail has really been piling up.  I don’t know when I was able to do a mailbag last, so this is long overdue...

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Talking About Your Ex

When done properly, talking about ex-girlfriends is one of the most powerful tools to communicate important and attractive qualities about yourself subtly and in a very short period of time. When done improperly, it can ruin your chances with a woman.

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What to Say to Women - Examine an Interaction

In the past, we've occasionally used the "he said / she said" format (it's been one of our most popular features and we're always getting requests for more). First, I describe a dating situation from a man's point of view, and then look at the same events from a woman's perspective. Then we look at "what really happened" and break down the man's successes and failures.

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Stop Being the "Nice Guy"

Being “nice” vs. being a jerk
Most “nice guys” who read the Love Systems insider (LSi) know not to be “the nice guy” or “too nice” when meeting women. As a former “nice guy” myself, I know that this is easier said than done. How hard can it be not to be “nice?”

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Q&A - Committment & Sex, Lonely Single Women

Love Systems,

You must get a lot of mail so I’ll make this short. I have been dating someone for about two months and we still haven’t had sex. She dresses provocatively, she talks about sex all the time, but she always says stop when anything gets physical...

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