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Top Three Tips to Avoid Gold-Diggers

I have a lot of experience with gold diggers. I made a lot of money in life before I started Love Systems, and I live in gold digger central (Hollywood, CA). Over the years, I've come up with some unique ways to deal with gold diggers.

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Can you date more than one woman at once?

It's OK to want to date more than one woman. (It's also OK not to). You might be checking out your options, or not ready for a relationship right now. Or maybe even in the longer-term, you're comfortable having more than one woman in your life.

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Date Younger Women

Sometimes people ask whether Love Systems works as well outside of clubs or for older men. To answer that we'll take a look at Love Systems and its methodology and discuss the appropriate use of "routines" or memorized stories.

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Get Out of The Friends Zone!

Last weekend I was leading a bootcamp in Los Angeles with top Love Systems instructors Braddock and The Don.  In addition to all of the fun of students attracting beautiful women, showing some of the newest techniques, and all around turning average guys into rock stars , we had a chance to talk about some Game 2.0 stuff.

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