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Born in Europe, the pick up artist Vince Kelvin (Hollywood) started out originally with Ross Jeffries in the early 2000s before creating his own PUA business (Seduction Coaching) in 2003.  Vince operated another website site called Pick Up Artist Coaching before, leading to the confusion that his company was actually called that.  Based in Hollywood, Vince Kelvin moved into the original Project Hollywood mansion with Sal Peer (Speer) in 2011.  Vince Kelvin's image is based upon a rockstar look and he emphasizes the attraction phase of PUA technique as well as Same Night Lays.


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Vince Kelvin's pick up artist company Seduction Coaching sells various products, including books, CDs and DVDs, as well as bootcamps and other training.

His Same Night Sex System is a series of CDs, as well as a book option, that claims to get the hottest women (9s and 10s) to be interested in sleeping with you that same night.  It combines the theory of the natural with explicit techniques in order to achieve your goals of a SNL.

Unleash the Natural Within is a series of two DVDs, one CD, and a manual that claim to get your inner game in order by taming your thoughts and emotions in order to overcome approach anxiety and be more socially fluid in your interactions.

Improvisation for Pickup and Seduction Practice CDs is a set of 3 CDs designed to help the customer be more spontaneous and flow better in social situations in order to think quickly on your feet without being as bound by you programmed social inhibitions.

The Feminine Voice of Seduction CD set is a set of 2 CDs that are basically a series of affirmations to help you boost your self-esteem around women.  Recorded in a woman's voice, this is designed to effect your subconscious mind in a helpful way.

The Chakra Clearing Course is a set of 2 CDs designed with the theory of chackra cleansing in mind in order to learn how to live in the present and in getting your mental and sexual energies in line.

The Power Pickup CD Series has 4 volumes of pick up artist information and techniques that cover a vast array of subjects that are all over the map.  Each volume builds upon the previous one in construction Vince Kelvin's system of PUA seduction techniques.

The Pick Up Artist's Tool Kit Series is a 2 volume set of CDs that claim to provide even more advanced and specific tools and routines to ramp up your abilities with beautiful women.  This series specifically concentrates on hypnotic techniques and phrases in order to attract women.

Vince Kelvin also offers occasional bootcamps in various locations, as well as individualized coaching and every now and again a longer, weeklong bootcamp