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Another PUA company, Real Social Dynamics (RSD) bills itself as the world’s largest dating coaching company. Real Social Dynamics deals with many of the same things as other pick up artist organizations, and they too have multiple training programs like bootcamps as well as a wide variety of products. As its name suggests, Real Social Dynamics focuses on the social aspect of meeting women and being more personable. Their goal is to see Real Social Dynamics transformations in their students through personalized attention, instructors who have perfected Real Social Dynamics, and live demonstrations of RSD foundations.

Real Social Dynamics Blueprint Decoded

One of RSD’s most popular products is the Real Social Dynamics Blueprint Decoded box set stuffed with 20 DVDs worth of audio and video content. The set is designed to improve your social interactions through calibration, principles, identity, and much more. Real Social Dynamics Blueprint Decoded is even broken up into specific days so you know what to watch and listen to in order. Similar to other pick up artist (PUA) and dating coach companies, Real Social Dynamics offers a limited guarantee on Blueprint Decoded, with plenty of RSD reviews and testimonials to back up their claims.

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Real Social Dynamics Foundations

Another major RSD product release was Real Social Dynamics Foundations. Combining a series of CDs and DVDs, Foundations purports to turn men into social, cool guys who can attract women “naturally.” Being “natural” is a buzz word in the pick up artist (PUA) community, so this product is not without some controversy. Real Social Dynamics Foundations continues to be popular with that company’s students, and many of them have written Real Social Dynamics reviews on the Real Social Dynamics forum.

Real Social Dynamics Products

Real Social Dynamics teaches bootcamps around the world, most notably in the United States, the UK and Europe, and Australia. If you can’t make it to an RSD bootcamp, there are plenty of PUA products available on their site advertised as able to help you get better with women. These include the Real Social Dynamics Hot Seat program and much more.

RSD Nation

For the most current Real Social Dynamics reviews you can visit RSD Nation, the name of the Real Social Dynamics forum. On this forum you can discuss PUA concepts like openers and routines, and interact with Real Social Dynamics instructors. Best of all, there are plenty of RSD reviews there so you can hear what other RSD students had to say.