Dating Advice - Miscellaneous

Empathetic Listening

by Brad P.

Here's the deal - the seduction community teaches you to tease so you don't come off as a nice guy and a doormat. Why? Because that's how most of us start out. But not everyone. Maybe you're not a nice guy doormat. That's why this stuff doesn't work for you as well.The real truth is that different kinds of women require different kinds of techniques. Some women I can get simply by being a cocky scumbag. With others I can go direct, others just natural convo and comfort building. It's all about recognizing what kind of a woman you're dealing with.

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Neil Strauss | The Game | Pick-Up Artist

Neil Strauss New York Times Best Selling Author of The Game

Neil Strauss (aka "Style") is the author of the bestselling book The Game, published in 2005, in which he recounts his journey from "average frustrated chump" to pickup artist. He has also written a companion book to The Game, entitled The Rules of the Game.

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PUA Bootcamp Right for Me?

by Sinn

The answer to this question actually has very little to do with how much experience you have with women. All of the Love Systems guys are great at analyzing where a guy needs help and in what situations he is going to succeed. So, whether you are a virgin or have been with 6, 7, or 800 women in your life we can help you achieve your goals.


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Creating Rapport With a Woman

The purpose of rapport is to make a woman feel like you two are soul mates, like she has known you forever. When it happens fast, you'll hear the following from her: "Oh my God, I don't know why I'm telling you this, I don't even know you!"



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