Dating Advice - Miscellaneous

How To Get Women

"How do I get girls?" I hear this question all the time from guys new to Love Systems. Having a life full of girls who are interested in you isn't all that difficult if you know what to do and you're willing to put in the time. Contrary to what you might have heard, you don't need to be rich or good-looking to get girls. It helps, but it's only one small part of attraction.

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How To Be Confident

Why do women love confident men? Because they can use it as a shortcut to tell whether a man has the type of qualities she's looking for. Guys who are successful, who have good social skills, who are in good shape, who have had success with women before, and even who have wealth and status - those guys tend to be confident.

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Pick Up Lines - Get the Girl

Want to learn how to get the girl? Having the best pickup lines have always been the standing theory..

Everyone knows and has heard about pick up lines. Some are pretty cringe-worthy. But what's the alternative? Your mother or your female friends might tell you to just introduce yourself to a woman and to "be yourself" but that doesn't work either.

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Cheesy Pick Up Lines

When you think of pick up lines, most people think of cheesy or silly conversation-starters like "What's your sign?" or "Is your father a thief? Because someone took all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes." Unless you use lines like this ironically, there's no way they'll work to attract any woman.

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How To Talk To Girls

If you've just started speaking to a girl, you can bet she's deciding whether she wants to carry on the conversation or look for the next guy. Your chance to make the right impression is short and you have got to make each second count.

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Daytime Dating Audiobook

Jeremy Soul revolutionized the way men meet and attract women during the day with his book Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone. An instant hit, this book has transformed men’s lives by giving them the ability to comfortably and easily talk to women that interest them in all different types of social settings (while always knowing what to say). Men everywhere have achieved true freedom in their love lives by being able to meet, attract, and date sexy women who share their interests without having to use cheesy pick up lines or feeling awkward, nervous, or manipulative!

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