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Simple Pickup | How to Get a Girlfriend

Simple Pickup is a relatively new company within the seduction community dedicated to improving men's skills in picking up women. As a small, three-man operation it has arguably made more waves within the mass media recently than some of the bigger pick up companies due to its diffusion of information using YouTube. In fact, the company has yet to publish a primary "pickup book" like most other companies such as Love Systems' Magic Bullets by Nick Savoy. The trio instead offers more cumulative videos complete with audio of them picking up women than any other dating website at no cost to view.

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Find a Great Girl - 10 Secrets

Many single men ask themselves: How do I find a woman? It’s difficult to get good advice on this. Most women will think of all their single girlfriends and tell you that great women are everywhere. And most men won’t share their secrets.

But I will.

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How to Attract Women

At some point you've probably seen average guys walking down the street with hot girls and marveled at the injustice of it. How do they attract high quality girls without looks or wealth?

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