Dating Advice - Miscellaneous

Find a Great Girl - 10 Secrets

Many single men ask themselves: How do I find a woman? It’s difficult to get good advice on this. Most women will think of all their single girlfriends and tell you that great women are everywhere. And most men won’t share their secrets.

But I will.

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How to Attract Women

At some point you've probably seen average guys walking down the street with hot girls and marveled at the injustice of it. How do they attract high quality girls without looks or wealth?

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Pick Up Artist

The term "pick up artist" has changed meanings and connotations so many times throughout the years that it's almost impossible to get one definition that everyone will agree with. The only thing that's certain is that all pick up artists want to pick up girls.

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Best Pick Up Lines

The trouble with pick up lines is they don't really exist - there is no sentence that will magically press a woman's buttons and make her swoon into your arms. The first words you say to a woman - your 'opener' - can do one thing and that's start a conversation. It's only the first step to seducing her but it's also the most crucial one.

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