How to Text a Girl

Attract Women with Phone and Text Messages


Banish "Flaking" Forever

Jim Stark, aka Mr. M literally wrote the book on how to use phone game and text game to attract and date beautiful women.  (The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game, co-written with Braddock.)

In this red-hot interview, Mr. M reveals powerful and easy-to-use secrets of how top guys use phone game and text game, including:

  • - Why Mr M breaks the “text first” rule of phone and text game
  • - How to tell whether a woman is a “long fuse” (need to do some work) or a “short fuse” (ready to meet up) and how to text her differently.
  • - How to use “ping tests” to see how interested she is in you
  • - How to turn the tables and get her to chase you
  • - What is callback humor and how to use it
  • - How to use role-plays in phone and text game and why they work so well for attraction and sexualization
  • - Trigger Words and how to use them
  • - How and when to leave voicemails – and when not
  • - And lots more

(If the interview doesn’t start playing automatically, check the volume on your computer.  Skip forward to 8:40 for where the Phone and Text Game section starts.)

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There’s so much more to learn about phone and text game, anti-flaking, sexualization, attraction through text and phone and game, etc:

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