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With so many improvements in pickup and dating technology during the first half of this year, it can be tough to keep track. Especially if you’re not able to follow our blog, twitter, or Facebook regularly.

1. Uncensored: The Real Story of the Real Savoy

This free book is an edited collection of some of the best articles, field reports, and other fun stuff from the first five years of my blog, The Real Savoy. It covers everything from approach anxiety to picking up twins and includes dating advice, Q&A, field reports, and more.

Download the book (free of charge) here - Uncensored: The Real Story of the Real Savoy

2. Expert PUA Blog

People keep asking for all of the expert PUA blogs to be organized in one place. We heard you. Now you can see the first paragraph of all the best community blog posts all in one place, with links to the full articles.

Again, no charge. Bookmark this: Love Systems Instructor Blog

Of course, you can also find my PUA Blog at TheRealSavoy.com

3. Find a Wingman (anywhere in the world)

The “community” section of The Attraction Forums has sub-forums for every city and country on the planet. Whether you’re looking for a wingman in your hometown or are traveling and want advice on where to meet women in your new city, the community forums are for you.

(And also no charge)

PUA Forums - Meetups, Wings, and Venues

Obviously, if you’re qualified for the Love Systems Lounge, you’d use the wingman search there, but you know that.

4. The “Triad Model” Quick Reference

Pretty much everyone uses some form of the “Triad Model” today to date and attract beautiful women. Until recently, the only public place to see it was on a web page. Now it’s a free, no-obligation mini-book (PDF) that you can take anywhere. It’s just a few pages and a powerful reference: Love Systems Triad Model

5. Myths and Masters of the Game

This book has become an underground sensation and has rocked the PUA community leaving controversy everywhere. I don’t necessarily love the book (I posted a review here and did a video review here) but you can’t deny its importance.

It’s written by respected journalist Adam Brown as an outsider’s view of the PUA community over the past few years. It’s billed as an “unofficial sequel to The Game” though in my opinion it’s a lot better because the author has no agenda. It’s the story of a few guys who participated in this big experiment to get better with women, mixed in with dating advice and scientific studies (to prove and debunk PUA techniques).

OK, this one isn’t free (it’s not our book, so nothing we can do about that. But at $19.97 for the ebook version, it won’t break the bank): Myths and Masters of the Game

Paperback version of Myths and Masters.

(It’s also available on Kindle and Nook)

6. Got a question? Do a search!

I know how it is. Sometimes you have a specific situation you want to figure out, like going direct, or handling last minute resistance. It’s probably in the Magic Bullets Handbook somewhere, but maybe you don’t have it with you and you just want a quick answer.

Type your question in the Love Systems Search

(It really works! Try it right now)

I hope these help you meet your goals. This is a good email to keep around – you never know when you might be looking for that extra push.

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NB – Almost forgot. There’s a great new radio interview with pickup expert “Cajun” that was broadcast a few days ago. If you missed it, you can listen here – no charge as well: Cajun on Dating Skills Review