Daytime Dating Audiobook

Now Available in an Audiobook Read by Jeremy Soul

Jeremy Soul, the world’s #1 daytime dating coach, revolutionized the way men meet and attract women during the day with his book Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone. An instant hit, this book has transformed men’s lives by giving them the ability to comfortably and easily talk to women that interest them in all different types of social settings (while always knowing what to say). Men everywhere have achieved true freedom in their love lives by being able to meet, attract, and date sexy women who share their interests without having to use cheesy pick up lines or feeling awkward, nervous, or manipulative!

Now, we’re proud to announce the next evolution in Daytime Dating. Love Systems got Jeremy Soul to sat down and read the entire masterpiece to create the Never Sleep Alone Audiobook (about 4 hours long and unabridged), and you can get this exclusive version right now! It’s one thing to read about his exploits and discoveries, but before now the only way to hear Soul demonstrate his techniques and routines was by attending one of his famous workshops ($3,000). We’re even giving you a few different options; pick the one that works best for you and get started on your daygame adventures today! 

Just pick the option that works best for you: