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[In my best Jesse Pinkman voice]: "Yeah! Science!"

One of the women I'm hooking up with once told me that she's never seen the TV show Breaking Bad. Obviously that's insane - it's one of the best TV shows ever - so we've been fixing this problem.

Last night we got to the episode where the two main characters pull off a pretty amazing theft, based on their knowledge and use of technology. In celebration, one of the characters screams "Yeah! Science!"

That's kind of how I feel every time social scientists examine what goes into Love Systems - and if you understand the science behind why Love Systems works, you'll be able to get even better results!

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Overcoming Last Minute Resistance

Last Minute Resistance

So what is it?

Basically, it's when you manage get a girl back to the bedroom... but she doesn't want to take that last step.

Last minute resistance will happen to everyone once in a while, but if it's a regular occurrence, then it's time to take action.

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Inner Game - The Key to Success

In this article I'm going to hand over the reins to Cajun.

Cajun hardly needs an introduction. Love Systems lead instructor extraordinaire, he rose in just over a year from a bootcamp student to Love Systems instructor.

At about 5'5, he is shorter than most of his students and than most of the women he dates. More importantly he blows most of the competition out of the water because he understands and can teach dating science better than almost everyone else.

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Getting Her Phone Number: The Do's and Don'ts

Hey man,

If you put the advice I've given you in the first few newsletters into practice then chances are you've approached an attractive women, started a conversation, flirted for a while... and then asked for her phone number.

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The Four Key Emotions

Hey man,

As previously mentioned I'm going to start covering more advanced topics and methods (see the special gift below).

However, in order to do that I need to introduce you to the "Love Systems Triad Model." It's the corner stone of what we teach here at Love Systems and was created and refined after literally hundreds and thousands of approaches.

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Meeting Women Online

I keep receiving tons of emails about Online Dating, which is not surprising considering how popular dating sites and prolific Facebook have become.

Do they work? Can you find high-quality women there? Or are they all fakes, flakes and Medusa lookalikes? And more to the point — if there are hot women on these sites, can an average guy get with them?

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My favorite line for 2014

Imagine if I wrote you a letter that started like this...

"Jeff, I've got the most BADASS MAGIC LINE for you... I'm going to turn you into a Casanova Cavalier Rockstar with women if you use this......

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