Dating Advice - Inner Game

Reaching Your Goals - Build Your Confidence

People join this community for a lot of different reasons. Regardless if yours is a painful break-up, to get more high-quality women in your life, or simply a desire to have more sex, you should have a goal and purpose with this journey.

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Confidence and Leadership

Everyone knows how important inner game is, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what inner game actually is? Is it simply when you've memorized material very well or maybe when you've perfected the delivery of your voice? Actually, inner game is...

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Be Non Reactive - Appear More Confident

Being reactive will kill your game. Life is a lot like chess. We always think that we are making the best move, so generally it's not the move that's really wrong, it's the thought process that led to the move. This is why two people could use Love Systems material and yet won't have the same results. It's not the material, it's the thought process

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Build Your Confidence

When I first entered the dating community I was excited, and not because I was fooling myself by hoping to find a few magic lines that would trick women into liking me. I was excited because I finally felt like it was in my control, for the first time in my life, to determine the quality (and amount) of women that would be in my life.

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Change Your Life - Be More Confident

Here are some issues that often plague the beginner, and can really hold someone back if they're not addressed. I suffered from these myself, and once I dealt with them I felt like my game went to a whole new level, and I had much more fun going out and practicing.

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Change Your Life - Breaking the Cycle

Virginia Satir once said that the most basic human instinct is not toward survival, but toward the familiar. In other words, the thing that we are most likely to do is rarely concerned with our survival (or procreation). It's just the thing we are most comfortable doing.

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Be More Social

I've been doing a lot of reading on psychology and spirituality recently and I've developed an idea that's reduced my approach anxiety by about 90%. The idea is surrendering to the moment.

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