Dating Advice - Inner Game

Be More Confident - You Don't Have to "Win"

Here's a little tidbit that crosses the line between "outer game" tactics and "inner game" psychology. It's probably most important to guys who are consistently able to get in-depth conversations going with women, but should be relevant to everyone.

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Can Being More Confident Help You?

Cajun hardly needs an introduction.  At about 5’5, he is shorter than most of his students, most of the women he dates, and most of the competition whenever he goes out.  And he blows them away because he understands and can teach dating science better than almost everyone else.

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The Inner Game Of Fashion

The four qualities that lead to mating success in the animal kingdom (including humans) are: Dominant, Attractive, Elite, and Access to Resources. You can easily convey them with your clothing, if only you could stop the blockage inside you that says "I'm scared to wear that."

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