Dating Advice - Inner Game

The Real Secret to Confidence

We have a special guest post for today's article by star Love Systems instructor Chris Shepherd (aka Tenmagnet). Chris is our longest-serving instructor, and specializes in inner game, social skills, and helping guys get into long term relationships. Today is just some of what he's learned over the years about that crucial attraction switch: confidence.

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3 ways to improve Inner-game

Many of us that have sought out the Love Systems community may have had a problem with our inner game at some point or another. In reality if you have been having any kind of 'people troubles', then it might be attributed to your inner game.

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Three “under the radar” ways ugly guys get more women

You don't need to look like an athlete or a model to attract women. There are a lot of ugly men with attractive girlfriends, and they're not rich or famous either. My friend Sam from college is a perfect example. He's short and pasty, he has a huge nose and big ears, and everywhere we went, women wanted to be with him.

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Solve Your Dating Problems this New Year's

If you’re like me, you’re probably resting today from a big New Year’s Eve last night.  (I wrote this last night before I went out.)  But at some point today, you probably will (or should) get to New Year’s Resolutions.  What do you want your life to be like in 2013?

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Ten Lifestyle Secrets to Date More Women

Ever wanted to know how to develop a more attractive lifestyle to date higher quality women? We did! That's why we asked some of the world's leading dating coaches to come up with the top ten lifestyle secrets for improving your dating life. 


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