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    Those were the first words I heard Savoy say during the in-field portion of my first dating workshop (after I read Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women in Bed).

    Until then I had been skeptically unconvinced.  Then I watched Savoy open a set with those ridiculous words, immediately get attraction and then end up alone with an attractive woman

    It started to crystallize in my mind that there were greater possibilities for me.  Savoy took me under his wing and showed me how to do it.

    I later became an intern with Savoy while I was still in college and the "office" was his living room.  I saw what Savoy was capable of firsthand.  I saw a LOT of different women leaving his house in the morning when I showed up for work... sometimes two!

    The guy was an amazing resource and teacher.  He was proof that even a boardgame playing dork from Newfoundland can have insanely good and consistent game...

    And it rubbed off.  With his help, I began to live the life I'd been dreaming of, and different girls started leaving MY house every morning.

    This book is going to give you the map and the skills to get to the place where you want to be.  If you commit to putting what is in these pages into practice you WILL attain the relationships and lifestyle of your dreams.

    I honestly can't think of anyone better to learn from.  For those of you who know my reputation, the knowledge in this book was the path that led me to where I am today.

    If there is any magical way to get better with women, be it attracting, building or maintaining great relationships, it's contained within these pages so in that sense, it's the closest thing to a magic bullet around.


Voted #2 Pick Up Artist in the World


Did You Know That Six of the Top Ten
Pick Up Artists in the World Have Been Trained By the Same Man?

And the Very Same Knowledge is Available to You


  If you missed us on Dr. Phil, check out the video below, but be sure to keep reading and I'll explain the one mistake that is probably blocking your success.



A Little Known Secret
Of The World's Best Pick Up Artists

I'll show you the one mistake you're probably making, and give you the knowledge that guarantees you get results-now


From:  Nick Savoy
Where:  Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

   There is an exact, precise moment when a woman, suddenly, and unexpectedly, finds herself attracted to you.

   She can't help it.

   Her entire physiology changes and she begins seeking YOUR approval.  Yes, this beautiful woman begins to qualify herself to you. 

   And then she's giggling in that certain way, prying you for personal information, and using every excuse she can to touch you.

   It's not luck.  It's not magic. And it's not manipulation.

   It's science.

   Any anyone, regardless of their physical appearance, wealth, or popularity, can LEARN it.

   You may be thinking that there is something different about you that prevents you from ever being successful with women.  But as you read through this book, you will find that there are just variables you need to change.

   In science, different variables get different results.

   Over the course of 191 pages I will draw out the exact map you need to follow to get the same scientific results that myself, my instructors, and countless of my students have gotten over the past five years.

Why do I call it science?

   I call it science because; Science has structure.  Science has phases.  And in science, specific systems get consistent and proven results. 

   Magic Bullets contain the scientific formula for attraction and seduction in its entirety. 

   I will walk you step by step through the seven phases of our emotional progression model. 

   You'll discover how each phase of the model contains its own unique intermediate goals.  And how achieving these small goals create the emotional momentum needed to move an interaction forward. 

   If a conversation with a woman isn't moving forward… it's DEAD. 

Results can be disastrous

   If there is one thing we know about science, it's that if we disrupt even one of these things… results could be disastrous.

   And that is why the guys who jump from website to website, hoarding up all the free information they can, rarely see results past a few numbers, or the random kiss close.

    These guys eventually give up.  And claim "this stuff doesn't work."

   You may think you know the formula.  But I can be certain you don’t.  If you did, you wouldn’t be reading this letter right now. 

   Most men learn a few things and they get content.  They think they know it all.  They think because they know what a "neg" is or "DHV" that they fully understand how to move a woman through the seven phases of emotional progression. 

   There is a common phrase in the dating community that says "If you want to connect with a woman you need to get her to invest something into the interaction." 

   Many of you reading this have probably heard or even quoted that phrase… yet you continue to avoid investing in your learning process.  And wonder why you get nothing out of it.

   I don't know if its laziness, impatience, or the inability to part with $68, but, at some point you need to decide if success is something that you want, or something you want to forever chase.

Break the Pattern of Failure and Finally Make That Change

   What I am offering you here, for less than the cost of your average night out, is instant access to a proven system that has taken men, of every race, nationality, and physical stature, and transformed them from less- than- mediocre skill with women, and turned them into the kind of guys who bring home beautiful women.

   Men consistently pay me over $3000 to teach them what I know.  The knowledge this book contains doesn't just work in theory.  Every single piece of advice this book contains has been tested, refined, and proven in the field.  Over and over and over.

   Look at any list of the top pickup artists in the world and it will always be filled with the names of men I trained in these same principles.  These men put in the investment to LEARN a proven system… and have been rewarded with life beyond your current reality.

   That life will be yours.

   I haven't met you, but I have met thousands of other men who have gone on to be amazing with women.  And trust me; short of having two heads, there is nothing about you I haven't seen.  There is nothing that will prevent you from achieving the same results.

   Even if you think you're familiar with the material I teach, I urge to read some samples from the book below. 

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"Here are some of the secrets you'll learn once you gain access to this book"

    In addition to learning the complete, detailed, and scientific 7 phase emotional progression model, and how to seamlessly move a girl through each phase…

Here's a sample of some of the other great things you'll learn:

  • I've been in conversations with over a thousand girls.  And I've learned that there are certain phrases you can say that will automatically disqualify you.  These phrases have to do with the unconscious female psychology.  In chapter 3 I'll tell you exactly what these phrases are, and what you should say instead.
  • Women have a near universal preference for 7 particular traits.  In chapter 3 I'll show you the slight adjustments you can make that will accentuate the traits you already possess, and hide the ones you don't.
  • The most powerful way to show higher value… that almost no one is using correctly… you won't find this anywhere else and is easily worth the price of this book- pg 67
  • How to increase your level of physical intimacy with a woman.  Here is a simple 5 step progression that starts with her hand on your arm and ends with  her sitting on your lap –pg 142


  • A secret confidence building technique that my top instructors still thank me for today – pg. 33

  • 12 signs that almost always signal the woman is enjoying your company and open to take the interaction further.  Once you see three of these YOU MUST MAKE A MOVE – pg 75

  • How simply using "ambiguity" can stir intrigue in a woman who otherwise would have  dismissed you – pg 34

  • The four emotional triggers, that once activated, almost force a woman to say yes- pg 38

  • Why a woman will often delay sex for some time with a man she sees as a potential boyfriend, while satisfying her physical needs with another man in the meantime. –pg 42

  • The opener I most often recommend men use because of how easy it makes transitioning to the next topic- pg 45

  • The exact thought process, topics, and structure that will allow you continually invent your own powerful openers –pg 46

  • A simple technique that will make even the most outrageous canned openers seem believable- pg  47

  • There are absolutely four things you need to avoid if you're using a situation opener (if you do any of these your situational opener will undoubtedly fail.)- pg 49

  • The 9 step pre-opener checklist.  If you want to go in on the right foot, all of these MUST be congruent. –pg 53

  • The things that instantly creep a girl out, and how you can avoid them. –pg 53

  • The easiest type of group to open, and why most men are afraid to approach them.  This makes competition scarce, and rewards great. – pg 56

  • A fatal mistake many guys make when opening a mixed group – pg 56

  • Examples of simple, but effective dialogue that easily allow you to transition from an opener into an attraction building phase. –pg 58

  • The four types of transitions to move a conversation along the emotional progression model, with specific word- for -word examples of each- chapter 6

  • The exact point in which a woman progresses from interest to attraction.  And how you can quickly spot it.   It has nothing to do with indicators of interest.  –pg 62

  • For a woman, attraction is a continuous process, like putting air in a balloon. Doing things that create attraction is like blowing air in the balloon. When you tone it down and stop blowing into the balloon it will gradually and imperceptibly leak air. If you let enough air leak out without refilling it, the attraction becomes stale. Chapter 7 gives you all the tools to make sure that doesn't happen.

  • The one trait you absolutely must display to woman if she will ever allow herself to feel attraction towards you. –pg 64

  • You may think you know "Negs" but trust me if, you're like 99% of the guys I teach your misusing them. Negs have two main purposes and should ONLY be used in these 3 situations- pg 66

  • Learn the five basic ways to demonstrate higher value to a woman.  Without displaying higher value… you will never get her.  I'll teach you the five guaranteed ways to show higher value, and how to apply them to the 8 universal traits women are naturally attracted to – chapter 7

  • The two key rules to follow when using a story to embed a demonstration of a higher value- pg 69

  • Everyone tells you to "just be confident" but no one tells you how.  I will break down exactly how a confident man acts, thinks, speaks, and gestures… and show you simple ways to not only appear more confident but actually be more confident.  -pg  73 

  • How to using the concept of pre-selection can make you appear to a woman as being "wanted" by every other woman in the club.  This almost guarantees her interest will be sparked –pg 74

  • If a woman thinks you're only attracted to her for her looks, she'll rarely hook up with you.  This is why you must use the qualification phase to show her you're interested in her for more than her looks.  I'll teach you the two techniques that encourage a woman to convey her good qualities to you.  I'll give you word for examples of both– pgs 79-81

  • There are exact points in a conversation where you need to "pull back." If you don't do this she will quickly get bored.  I'll teach you simple ways to "pull back" and reengage her in the conversation –pg 83

  • I'll give you a basic "comfort list."  These are things you can do or say that quickly allow a woman to feel comfortable with you, and eliminates the awkward "get to know you" conversation most guys struggle with – pg 86

  • If she is a with a group of friends, I'll teach you 6 ways to quickly and casually get her away from her friends so that you can have some alone time with her.  You'll learn exactly how to say and do it so that you don't alarm her, or anyone in her group- pg 87

  • If a woman is with a group of friends, you must win the approval of her friends, before you can build attraction with her.  I'll show you some simple strategies for quickly winning over the friends – pg 89

  • I'll give you specific conversational tactics to direct the conversation toward personal intimacy and secrets –pg 92

  • You will learn when to escalate physically with touch and when you pull back.  You will also learn how to make the touching seem natural so that you don't draw attention to what you are doing –pg 95

  • When a woman has become attracted to you and you want to move the interaction to the next level physically, it is important that you don't break the state she is in. From the minute you decide to take her home, your entire goal is to keep her in right state…. I'll teach you the three best tools to deal with state breaks, and give specific example of situations you will need to apply them in.  – pg 99

  • The common mistakes men make trying to arouse women, and a few tips to help you correct those mistakes – pg 103

  • At some point, every woman will momentarily object to the physical escalation in the bedroom.  Most guys make a huge mistake at this point.  I'll teach you how to handle her "token" objections- pg 104

  • If you're inexperienced getting intimate with a woman, an entire chapter on seduction will walk you through the process seamlessly –Chapter 10

  • The six categories of relationships, and how to structure the interaction to suit the relationship type you're after –pg 107

  • Once a woman is ready to sleep with you- she is already planning what kind of relationship the two of you will share.  It is important that you establish the lowest commitment type.  It is a lot easier to move from a low commitment to a high commitment relationship.  I'll show you how to avoid finding yourself with a girlfriend you don't want. –Chapter 11

  • The biggest mistake guys do after they sleep with a girl –pg 111

  • The do's and don'ts of calling her.  Poor phone game is why most men never get a second date.  I'll give you a complete guide to make sure you keep the attraction going strong on the phone – pg 112

  • How to have girls completely ok with the fact that you're in multiple relationships-  And how quickly spot the types of girls who would be open do this kind of arrangement-  pg 115

  • The biggest mistake men make them almost guarantees they will ruin their friends with benefits arrangement – pg 120

  • The biggest mistake guys make when trying to game girls in their social circle.  If you put a woman in this potentially embarrassing situation you'll not only blow it with her, but with every girl in your social circle – pg 127

  • Have a woman at work your interested in?  I use two examples of the different ways to handle the seduction.  You will see that one way is vastly more effective than the other – chapter 12

  • Hitting on women during the day follows some very different rules than the night time.  We spend an entire chapter covering how to pickup women during the day- chapter 13

  • An entire chapter on Strip club game where you'll learn:  the days of the month where a seduction is impossible, how to avoid the "customer frame," where to sit in the strip bar to avoid looking like the average pervert, the quickest and easiest way to build social status within a strip bar (and it's  not spending money) how to break a woman from her "stripper routine" and control the frame of the conversation, topics you MUST avoid, how to demonstrate authority over her unique world -chapter 14

  • A technique to get her to feel like she was the one who initiated the touching –pg 142

  • The 10 critical elements a good date must be comprised on. If the date is missing even one of these elements your chance of success diminishes greatly – pg 146

  • My 16 favorite date locations (HINT: dinner, movies, coffee, or ice cream are NOT on the list) –pg 146

  • Should you pay for the date?  Too many guys mess this up –pg 148

  • The six key elements you need to focus on when telling an engaging story.  I give two different examples of the same story and show how important including each element is- Storytelling is so important we spend an entire chapter on it –Chapter 17

  • Three golden kiss close techniques invented by three of my top instructors.  These are so good I wish I thought of them pg- 170

  • Plus much more including:  a chapter on fashion, a chapter dedicated to the buildup to your first kiss, a chapter on day game, a chapter on "being a good wingman" and more...

   The best part is you don't have to wait for this book to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it to your computer right now for only $68.00

   When you click on the order button below, you'll go to my secure order page for your credit card information  When you use my secure order form, you'll be able to download the book immediately as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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The 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

  If you're not convinced after reading this book that your interactions with women will be elevated to a new level… just let me know, and I will give you a complete refund… no questions asked.

  You'll undoubtedly agree that if you want to learn something right… learn from those who are most successful at it.  My company, Love Systems, has trained thousands of men on almost every continent.  We have grown to have over 20 instructors.  We've been talked about in FHM, the NY Post, Radar Magazine, Maxim, Dr. Phil, and Fox News. 

There is an axiom; you don't grow as big and as quickly as we have… unless you are getting results.



Read what Tokyo PUA from Fast Seduction 101 had to say

    “Magic Bullets is one of the best books ever written on the subject of improving success with women. It’s probably one of the most honest, well rounded, information-packed books you will read. One unique aspect of Magic Bullets that sets it apart is each chapter is written in logical order, but can be read on its own even without reading the others. This is great because you can just review those chapters that you need to refresh separately. Or, for example, if you are a beginner and want a quick primer on what will help you in clubs tonight, there is a chapter that will do that for you that you can skip to right away."

    “Another thing that was extremely impressive about the book was just how in-depth and well researched it was and yet it still included very subtle advice at the same time. The book was full of deep, masterful detail in every chapter. One of my favorite things about Magic Bullets was the extreme level of detail in the Seduction phase, which is definitely lacking in most books of its type. In the book you get some real ‘magic bullets’ on how to get to sex faster and with higher probability of success. These tips and gems alone are well worth the price of the book."

    “For those looking for very niche and advanced material, there is no shortage of that either. The book is truly well rounded for beginners and veteran students of the game alike. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of the arts, you owe it to yourself to begin your education with this book or add it to your collection. The information contained in it is state of the art and hard hitting. Get your copy now, and start enjoying your own magic results with women. When I first ‘met’ Savoy it was actually over the phone over a distance of thousands of miles, and at the time I had no idea he knew so much about seduction. In the years that have ensued, it is clear to me from meeting him in person finally and reading Magic Bullets that Savoy has become even more knowledgeable and one of the true experts in the field.”

TokyoPUA , Fast Seduction 101


    Ask yourself this:  What if this knowledge helps you get just ONE more date with an interesting, attractive woman? Just ONE. What would that be worth to you?

    Think about this:  I've built my reputation on training men to be masters with women.  What if the information in this book contains the exact system you need to breakthrough your comfort zone, and really give you unlimited choice with women?  I'm talking about walking into a bar and KNOWING that you are not going to leave alone?  And even more important, that feeling of pride, knowing you've finally conquered this aspect of your life?

    What would that be worth to you?  I can tell you right now guys have been willingly handing me over $3,000 to provide them with just that.  I give 100% guarantees on everything I teach.  I would not still be in business if people were not experiencing exactly what I promise.

    I wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insight and experience for $68.00 when I started. And I know that you'll be glad you made the investment in yourself once you have your first success after reading it.

    Can I just impart one final nugget of wisdom?

    After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don't make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there's a very very small chance that you're going to do anything about it in the future.

    On the other hand, if you begin your journey right now, there is a very big chance that a year from now, you'll be looking back on today, as the moment you decided to finally take control of your life.

    Imagine how much better that feel than always wondering "what if?"




Wishing you unlimited choice,


P.S.  Everything you learn in this book is exactly what I teach my top instructors.  These are guys who go out night after night, with a group of students analyzing their every move, and prove over and over that they've got the skills to consistently pull beautiful women from bars, clubs, and parties.

P.S.  I've included some feedback from some of the guys who have already purchased the book below the order form.





Quotes from Magic Bullets Readers

    Magic Bullets give you a system you can use the same day, without reading the whole book. No other book can beat that. No book gives you a plan in 10 minutes of reading of what you can do that night. Unlike a lot of pickup material, this book touches on female psychology. This chapter was my favorite, second to phone game. The insight you will gain from phone game is worth the price right there. Magic Bullets includes the ever popular ‘he said/she said’ teaching examples. Every chapter in this book is important. The night I ordered it I read the entire thing. Even though I was tired, I took a NoDoz because I was so determined to finish it and not miss anything because of my fatigue. Everyone who hasn’t yet bought Magic Bullets... stop thinking about it and just do it... the price of the book was worth it after just a few pages.”            

    "If I haven’t convinced you yet, know this: Savoy does a great job at teaching this material. The format of the book is designed so you can go back and read a chapter on phone game or the Qualification phase.  I even e-mailed Savoy with a question about the book and got a prompt response.   It’s not every day you can ask the author a question and get an answer, especially with someone as busy as he is.”  - Surefire


    It was a long hard road to admit to myself that I needed to get this part of my life sorted out.  I searched the web for a long time seeking a solution to my problem.  I wasted a lot of money on ‘gurus’ only to find myself back reading Magic Bullets.  I was hesitant at first but after seeing the money back guarantee I decided to go for it.  I read it in 4 hours straight, going back over sentences four times to sink them into my brain.  After finishing it, I decided to go and try it. That was the hardest part. I did it and I got my first phone number after almost 2 years! So I got the number and now it’s been 4 months since I bought Magic Bullets, and I have to say I’m so much better now.  I have a girlfriend, and things are perfect.”  - Jan

    It definitely made a huge difference, especially in my second week after reading the book. The improvement was dramatic."

    Stunning! My success in meeting new women went up dramatically the first night.”

    “I was frankly skeptical at first, but after a week I found myself taking home women who I normally would have been admiring from a distance. Also the seduction tips improved my effectiveness after I got them back to my place.”  - Comments from men in the “Does It Work?” trial in Brink Magazine


    "Magic Bullets is a leader in the seduction community and learning how to pick up, date, and have more women in your life for a reason. It works. Thousands of guys have gone from being frozen stone-cold in approaching a woman to being ‘the man’ in a nightclub and even during the day. I highly recommend you grab your copy now!”  - Earthling Communication


    “I will be honest, Magic Bullets is one of the best investments I have made in the field of pickup. This book really explains every little detail of pickup, and I have had a very easy time translating what I have read into what I do. I would say that it is a great investment for a good price.” salvino


    “I’ve always been hopeless at getting women to be interested in me. Well, after I picked up Magic Bullets it was all pistons firing. I now have three dates lined up this week. That’s more than in the past 6 months combined.”  - Matt


It's time to change your life

   I could fill twelve pages up with testimonials from our satisfied customers, but ultimately it is you who needs to make this decision.  I know if you've made it this far, you're serious about taking the necessary steps to improve this area of your life.

   You can have this book right now, all 191 pages of the complete, tested, and proven system that has taken average guys off the street and turned them into world class pickup artists. 

   I know with certainty that if you apply what you learn in this book you will see the same success.  And if you don't, remember, all you need to do is ask, I'll refund every dollar of your purchase… no questions asked.  That is how confident I am that you'll achieve everything I say you will.





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