The Erotic Knave Infiltrates Love Systems


1.     There is a FREE and LIVE Direct Game Q&A going on RIGHT NOW with Direct Game expert Farmer. Head on over there right now, ask questions, or just listen in on the expert advice on "going direct:"

2.     As if that wasn't cool enough, I got a copy of pickup video from the legendary Love Systems expert Cajun. As you probably know, Cajun is the past winner of the Keys to the VIP pickup competition. Cajun dishes the dirt on subcommunication, reveals his internet dating secrets (women contact him!), and shares some new tips you can use tonight. I just posted it to my blog, here:

3.     Obviously, the recent interest in all-things-Cajun snowballed last week with his national TV appearance and in-field footage where - is it just me or does it look like the interviewer is... well... kind of seriously into him? Anyway, if you missed it, the Cajun footage is must-see:

4.     To cut down on thousands of "when is your next PUA bootcamp that isn't sold out in [city name]?" emails, I made the Love Systems PickUp Map for you. Go to the www.lovesystems.com home page and scroll down. When you see the map, look for the Love Systems flag nearest you.

5.     But... DO NOT sign up for a Love Systems program until you're truly ready. Look, I understand. A lot of guys read the reviews, the glossy magazine and TV pieces people write about us, get excited by all of the success stories, and then figure they can just show up and we wave a magic wand and you walk out with 2 supermodels.

It's not like that.

Picking up beautiful women is not easy. Love Systems makes it much easier (which makes it a lot more fun, too), but it's not passive, like watching a movie. You have to be willing to learn, to take notes, to do things you haven't done before, and, most importantly, to take some constructive criticism from instructors, since they will keep training you until you get it right.
That's why I'm including an article that took "the community" by storm earlier this week when it was published by Erotic Knave magazine in the UK. The writer infiltrated part of the 3-day PUA Comprehensive Bootcamp.

He doesn't sugarcoat anything. If after reading the article you'd like to talk about whether Love Systems training is right for you, drop a line to Jeremy, our Program Manager, at
or +1 (323) 836-0150.

The Erotic Knave Infiltrates Love Systems

- Bob Foster
I really envy the gay folk of this world, mainly because I can't coordinate my furniture for shit and my Oscar Night parties are always a crushing disappointment, but also because they've got systems worked out whereby everyone gets laid, all the time. There's clubs for guys who like big hairy men to sit on their faces, clubs for guys who like to stick pins in their dicks together and clubs for guys who like to rock a ball gag in their mouths. Then there's those bath houses with the swings that everyone just has a go on, and all those rules like if you're wearing a beige handkerchief out your left back pocket and a hat at a jaunty angle you're a bottom looking for a top who's prepared to drizzle treacle into your eyes while he does you gently.

They've only been allowed to be gay for like, 40 or so years and they've already got all that organized, so what's up with straight folks? We've been allowed to have sex with each other for thousands of years and yet the men of this world still spend every weekend wandering round city centers liquored up, thinking the best way to get some action is dance close to the girl and separate her from her friends like she's a gazelle and you're a lion (only that's never worked because she's a law student and you're a fat guy).

If there was only a system established by which men could get more of what they wanted we'd all be able to spend a lot less time drinking expensive bottled beers and pretending to like house music and a lot more time doing what we actually left our homes every Friday night with the intention of doing. These guys calling themselves
Love Systems think they might have figured out that very system, and they're willing to explain it to you (for a reasonable price, considering) at seminars that they hold around the world. The deal is, for three full days they will teach you all you need to know about picking up women you like the look of, then you go out and do exactly that.

I don't usually go for things like that, as a young teenager I spent a considerable amount of money on pheromone spray out the back of a magazine, sprayed a load on prior to a school dance and got no dice, so I'm weary of quick fixes. But because I'm a curious guy, I went along to one of their London seminars, partly because I thought it'd be funny to see a parade of freak virgins trying to memorize lines and trick women into bed, but you know what? The guys there weren't anything like that, they were normal, nice guys who smelt fine and even wore smart clothes, they were just sick of doing that shitty boring club thing every weekend and coming home empty handed. I completely warmed to them, even the guys running the show, who I was totally hoping would be like Tom Cruise in Magnolia ("respect the cock!") but were actually just guys who treated the whole process of getting slightly clueless people laid with the same professional, patient attitude a doctor does a patient.

Turns out the system isn't a quick fix either. If you want to get laid you have to pay attention. You're expected to take a lot of notes, like, two notebooks' worth a day, and they will test you. They test you by taking you out every evening after the seminar to bars and forcing you to approach women and engage them in conversation. They make you do it again and again and they watch you get knocked back until you get it right.

And, turns out this stuff works, (they wouldn't be so intense about it or attract guys who are capable of doing it themselves if it didn't) I only stayed for one day, then went out the next weekend, followed just a morsel of their advice and came home with a solid 9. No kidding around.