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Want to learn the secrets of what REALLY goes on at the PUA bootcamps that everyone is talking about? This one is from Canadian TV on one of their national news shows.

It’s not quite as extensive as the ABC Primetime character assassination “news segment” from the 2010 Super Conference, but it’s a little more balanced.


By the way, if after watching the video you like Biskit’s style, you should listen to him and Bullet giving away their personal, exclusive secrets about meeting and dating that hot girl you work with:


Women you work with are a big missed opportunity for a lot of men. It’s too easy to talk yourself out of it. But with a few simple rules you can avoid putting your career at risk and avoid getting a reputation, while still enjoying everything your job has to offer.

Or, hey, talk yourself out of it. That leaves more attractive women for everyone else.


Speaking of the ABC Nightline controversy, when I was looking for the link to the video I found this – there’s a very active Facebook page about whether Love Systems is ethical.

Check it out – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ethics-of-Love-Systems/163188570385756">http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ethics-of-Love-Systems/163188570385756

And if you’re lost on what the whole ABC Nightline controversy is, watch the video and follow the discussion here:


What even advanced guys can learn from a shortish red-headed 24 year old

A shortish red-headed guy with the nickname "Keychain" is one of the world’s top dating coaches and pick up artists.

In a worldwide poll, he was voted #5 in the world (his second top-5 rating in a row) based on his overall skill with women and ability to teach and explain concepts in a way that makes lasting change. In fact, if you look at the magazine and newspapers articles in the media section, you’ll learn a lot of stuff about Keychain… particularly where journalists follow him around and watch him pick up women.

What a lot of guys don’t know is that on the Love Systems Lounge all Love Systems instructors “compete” every month to share their newest and most advanced techniques and answer tons of questions from guys who have successfully graduated from a Love Systems live training program. Every month a few ‘secret shoppers’ vote on who has given the best and most useful advice…

…and Keychain has won this more than anyone else (and 6 out of the last 7 months).

Not everyone can be on the Love Systems Lounge – it doesn’t cost anything, but it’s restricted to guys who have successfully graduated from a bootcamp or day game workshop, so the quality of discussion stays advanced and there’s lots of time for personal attention – but I didn’t want people to miss out, so I asked some of Keychain’s biggest fans to put together a list of some of his best publicly available (non-lounge) writings to share with everyone.

There are a couple links at the end of this section for you to check out – and one article to read right now.

Intermediate Sticking Points

By Keychain

Hi guys,

I just finished up some intense training with a client and it got me thinking about the kind of feedback guys need when they're getting good at Love Systems. My client went from being completely unable to successfully approach anyone, with lots of limiting beliefs about his height (he's short) and his race (he's Indian) to regularly making out with hot and taller beautiful women of every race at the club. This was totally out of his reality before his first PUA bootcamp and a triumph of his hard work and effort over his limiting beliefs. It's taken time and effort on his part, but he made it. I wanted to share some of the “intermediate-level” advice with you:

1) Do not allow the habit of hesitating to develop before approaching.

Yes, there are times when a more considered, timely approach is advantageous but this comes a distant second to the ability to approach without hesitation. Everyone comes out of a bootcamp with a second-nature ability to approach or “open,” but without regular upkeep this quickly fades. In its place creeps the insidious habit of hesitation! Approaching, which after the bootcamp felt like no big deal, becomes tough again - and it's tough to admit it. But admit it you must, and correct it now before it becomes too ingrained.

We can miss countless opportunities due to this and make approaches so much harder than they need to be. Approach without hesitation, even if you feel confused about what to open with - just open. It's vital that this bad habit is erased before it settles. Approaching is the 'lead generation' part of the model - if you can't open easily, it will destroy your results.

2) Pimp your Transitioning.

The key skill in approaching is TRANSITIONING. Without the ability to transition, every opener will fail. With a strong ability to transition, almost any opener will succeed to at least the hook point. I've pulled same-day and same-night lays from the most ridiculous openers.

One way to practice transitioning is to have imaginary conversations on paper. Write a 'he said, she said' style dialogue to practice your opening for 2-5 minutes. This will strengthen your transitioning skills. This is important whether you're opening direct or indirect (is there really much difference anymore?).

Of course, this and all the other “homework” assignments assume and require regular field time (i.e., time spent meeting beautiful women). These do not at all replace regular approaching.

[Ed note – this assumes you know what transitioning is and how to do it. If you don’t, it’s explained in Chapter 6 of the Magic Bullets Handbook (the “Bible” of dating and seduction for men. If you don’t have the Handbook yet, Chapter 6 is one of the free chapters.

Download the free chapters for Magic Bullets here:


Or learn more about the ultimate dating and attraction how-to book for men here:


3) Tease.

This is one of the key skills that we identify to focus on as you graduate your bootcamp. It’s one of the most effective ways to get attraction very quickly.

Use stock teases to get your brain working on those lines “so basically you think that you're better than me,” or “so basically you're trying to ruin my life,” marriage/divorce roleplay etc. Take one of these, say the marriage-divorce roleplay, and use it in every single pickup conversation for the next month. You'll train your brain into the habit and the mindset of teasing with good humor.

Practice the trigger word exercise of writing down sentences, circling the trigger words and generating teases from them. You can do this on your phone, on a pad of paper, etc. I do this regularly. It's hugely beneficial and starts to train your brain to make humorous associations. You'll start to see teases pop-up in your head.

If you’ve already been to a Love Systems bootcamp, you know what to do here. If not, I recommend the “crash course” from the interview series – in a couple hours you can be up to speed on the basics. Get all three of these and listen to them – they work really well together.

ONE -- Instant Attraction Through Teasing, featuring Braddock (click the link – it will start playing right away)

TWO -- Pick up Beautiful Women Through Role-Plays, featuring Cajun

THREE -- Using Humor for Attraction and Seduction, featuring BOTH Braddock and Cajun

4) Stay “in set” with the hot girls.

It's common to bail out because the girls are really hot. They don't blow you out; you just leave. Sometimes it'll be an external interrupt that didn't warrant you leaving, another time you might just leave because there's a silence or because you can't think of anything perfect to say. I think this has to do with the next point, but regardless, if you're in set with a girl you consider to be particularly hot - stay there until you're definitely blown out.

5) Exposure.

Staying in set with hot girls, hesitation to open attractive girls when they give you eye contact, etc., all stem from a limiting belief that they are 'out of your league.' Anyone who gets into game has this - I think maybe every human being has it. There are some type(s) of women that we just believe are out of our league.

These are the girls we stare at; the girls that give us that adrenaline shot when they walk by, the girls that make us go “fuck yes!” Most of us disconnect this feeling of “fuck yes!” from the possibility of actually meeting or being with these girls. We've trained ourselves to look but not touch - we're so convinced that they're out of our league that a big part of our psychology doesn't even want us to talk to her! It's like a lottery winner with a poor man's mentality who loses all of the money within a year.

The phrase here is “self sabotage.” We don't open, we eject too early, we stop talking, we don't qualify, we don't escalate, our circuits fry when they show interest… The solution: exposure. Talk to lots of them, stay in set, and get accustomed to these girls. The first month will be extremely tough but stick with it and you will break through. Be willing to wage war on your limiting belief - recognize it and face it down like a warrior at every opportunity.

6) Escalate.

Be it emotionally (qualify!), physically (escalate!) or logistically (get the number or get her home!). So many guys neglect to do this and it kills their results. Are you regularly, consistently escalating along all three legs of the Triad Model? No? Address this immediately!

There are many, many other feedback points that I could go into. For example: improving fashion, improving storytelling, sexualizing a conversation, follow-up game (phone and text etc...), and date construction. Let me know if there is anything you'd like me to get into in more depth and I'll do so.

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- Nick Savoy