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The Truth About Bootcamps

Savoy did a live chat on Facebook and answered YOUR questions! There were a LOT of questions about PUA bootcamps and how to improve your skills with women. There is also a lot of misinformation, so I hope answering these questions for everyone will help. Plus there’s a special offer at the end to celebrate.

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Bonus Pickup Video

Check out Biskit's new video & Keychain's newest article! Want to learn the secrets of what REALLY goes on at the PUA bootcamps that everyone is talking about? This one is from Canadian TV on one of their national news shows.

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New Exclusive Video: Cajun on CTV

You've probably never had the chance to learn the secrets of pick up and seduction from Cajun (aka Derek) - who proved by winning Keys to the VIP, a hidden camera pick up competition show, that he's got the skills to pick up beautiful women in any situation.

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Tyra Banks Supermodel vs. Love Systems

Tyra takes an inside look at the secret world the men in your life can’t stop talking about. It’s called “Love Systems” and its experts fly around the world teaching their secret techniques to win women’s hearts. Is it manipulative, or is all fair in love and war?

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