Dating Advice - Field Reports

Field Report - "Maria" Part 3


The last two OAPs introduced “Michael” and his attempts to pursue a relationship with Maria. Make sure you read parts I or II first or this one won’t make that much sense without it.

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How to Break Up

Q #1: Hey Savoy!
I'd like to hear your take on end game in clubs. Is it better to push for the makeout in the club and try to get the girl home that night or is it better to push for a day 2/date?

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Playboy Model Field Report - 3

During a recent visit to Los Angeles, Mr. M had an interesting experience with a top Playboy model and cover girl. It was entirely “cold approach” – no one introduced them. I asked him to write this up for the LSi so you guys can take a break from hearing from me for a change.

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Field Report - "Heather"

I get it. Every time the LSI uses the he said / she said format, I get a ton of email telling me that it’s the LSI most popular feature. Every time we’ve done it before, we’ve used an invented scenario based on a combination of real-life situations I’ve observed. Now we’re going to step it up.

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Picking up Women on Airplanes

Hey guys,
I’ve never revealed my secrets of how to pick up hot women on airplanes... But, I’m going to do it in this Love Systems insider (LSi). And no, there’s no cheesy “buy this for more information.” It’s all right here, in this LSi. Here’s why:

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