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How to Text A GIrl

So you've got the number and now you want to know what to text her to get the girl? We asked Braddock and Savoy to explain some of the best techniques to use while texting a girl. 

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Older Men Younger Women

In this issue learn the truth about dating younger women! Methods and examples of how older men can pick up, attract, and date younger women.

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Natural Game - Know What to Say

Ever wonder why some guys appear to just have natural game? The ability to know exactly what to say to women and it just flows naturally? We did, and we asked Love Systems dating coaches to explain how any guy can get "natural game" and get the girl!

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Date Ideas - Impress Your Girlfriend

A lot of the dating science questions I get are pretty easy to answer. I don’t usually repeat stuff that is in Magic Bullets so for those questions, I usually just give the page or chapter number where they can be answered. Other questions can often be handled in a paragraph or two. But sometimes I get a question that touches on a bunch of interesting issues and would be helpful to a lot more people than just the person asking.

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