Twelve Things You Can Do To Date More Women


1. If you’re into this type of thing (sex with hot women)...

If you're into this type of thing (sex with hot women)... then do read this LSi newsletter very carefully, because it directly applies to you.

Last week I mentioned that I was working on a deal to provide the Love Systems community with an exclusive offer for a new and completely unreleased sexual master class. The deal is now being finalized, so I can't give out all of the particulars until everything has been agreed upon (I've signed non-disclosures). But, providing that everything goes according to plan I'm hoping it will be available next week to Love Systems members only.

Whatever happens, it's sure to cause a bit of a stir because it is a legitimate world-first and a bit controversial.

Here's what I can tell you about the Master Class for now:

  • It's a blunt and candid interview series with eight adult industry performers (porn stars) who each describe the exact techniques and approaches that they use to ensure peak sexual performance and to make women want to “work” with them again.

  • The master class is based on the same approach as Love Systems. Put simply, if you want to learn to do something, model the people who do it best. A lot of Love Systems comes from reverse-engineering what the most successful men do at bars, coffee shops, parties, and even at the grocery store when meeting women. The master class is based on modeling what adult industry performers do.

  • These performers have a combined resume of over 3,000 film titles and have each had sex thousands of times. So, it's fair to say that their knowledge of how to last longer in bed and how to repeatedly take the respect, awe and admiration of the hottest women on earth is pretty mind-numbing.

  • If you become one of the few people ever to listen to these masters one-on-one, your sexual skills and knowledge will easily be boosted into the top 1% of men. The stars interviewed include a range of male and female performers (including a popular girl-on-girl star) to provide every possible perspective on how to improve your sexual performance.

  • The licenses to some of these stars’ mentoring sessions are expiring next month (they don't carry over to 2010), so this will be the only time that these exclusive sessions are ever offered. They won't ever be available again.

It's not a Love Systems product and we don't normally do third-party offers but I've managed to swing such a good deal for Love Systems members that I figured (for those that are interested), why the hell not?


As part of our evaluation, I asked Love Systems instructor Vercetti (see his bio) to take a look at the Master Class to get his unbiased opinion on whether it would benefit the Love Systems community. Here’s what he had to say:

------ Forwarded Message --------
From: Vercetti
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 19:33:28 -0500 (EST)
To: Savoy
Subject: Re: Master Class?

Hi Nick. I went through it all over the weekend.

I thought, “this should be interesting."

I was a little skeptical solely because there is a huge difference between those who can DO and those who can TEACH what they do. I was pleasantly surprised.

For the beginner if you ever wanted to know the truth about how to improve your sexual performance with no B.S. or theory, just pure actionable information, you'll find it right here.

For the expert, we get to a point where it's the little gems that take our game to the next level and these interviews are packed full of them.


Some more details about this:

Definitely Not For Everyone

While this is pretty exciting and useful for a lot of guys, this is DEFINITELY not for everyone. It’s a third-party product, 18+, and a lot of the audios are pretty explicit descriptions of how these porn stars do... what they do best.

So, if it doesn't interest you, or upsets you, then just ignore any further mention of it.

Plus, You'll Get a Notorious Sex Guide As Well

I've also negotiated to include an additional sex manual to go along with the celebrity master class. It's a bit sleazier than I’d normally like, but it’s also been sold as an exclusive product on its own for over $997 and has a ton of content. So, when you get the master class, you will be receiving this as a free bonus. Definitely a huge plus!

Love Systems Limited Edition “Sexual Compendium: Your Exclusive Guide to Sexual Seduction"

Since this bundle will be for guys who are looking to increase their sexual knowledge and expertise, I've decided to help equip you with an entirely new and never-before released Love Systems guidebook.

It's called the Love Systems “Sexual Compendium: Your Exclusive Guide to Sexual Seduction."

It will be packaged in with the master class, so it's not available in our online store or anywhere else. I just thought it would be cool to match the limited edition 'world-first' master class, with a limited edition 'world-first' Love Systems guide. More on that later.

Limited Places Available

Lastly, there will only be a limited number of places available. So, if you're interested in this, then make sure to keep a close eye on your inbox.

Providing that everything gets sorted out by the end of this week, I will send you an e-mail early next week (probably on Monday) with full details on how, and if, you can get a copy and maybe also a preview as well.


2. CHECKLIST – 12 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve with Women

This is a little more foundational than the usual content for the Love Systems insider (LSi) newsletter.

Often as we get deep into a subject, we forget some of the things we first learned. It’s also easy – and BAD – to get into the habit of only thinking about meeting women on Friday nights when you go out. Self-improvement is 24-7.

Here are 12 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your results...

    • Make and hold eye contact with everyone you talk to today. Make that a habit.

    • Update your haircut. Seriously, this matters. Get a cool haircut by going to someone who knows what he’s doing or giving examples by cutting out pictures from magazines.

    • Approach five women today. Then do it tomorrow and the next day. No excuses.

    • Quick, what are three things you want in a woman (not physical things)? Don’t know this right away? You need this to be able to qualify women effectively. If you can’t qualify, you get flakes.

    • Smile when you see or talk to someone the first time today. Make that a habit.

    • Redo your fashion and identity. Post pictures of yourself in your best outfits (delete your face if you want) in the Fashion and Style section of The Attraction Forums and look for feedback. Or check out other examples there.

    • Use those routines today. And tomorrow.

    • Quick, what are three things you want women to know about you within five minutes of meeting you? Don’t know this right away? It’s going to be hard to embed this information into your attraction material or storytelling if you don’t know what it is.

    • Is your wingman positive, optimistic, and outgoing, and does he want you to get the girl even if he’s having an off night? No? Change your wingmen. (See the wingman board on The Attraction Forums.)

    • Put yourself out of your social comfort zone at least once today. Approach a woman you generally wouldn’t (e.g., at a restaurant). Or, tell a random stranger a story. Feel the social anxiety and feel yourself getting through it. Do it again tomorrow.

Print out that list and tape it to your wall or desk. Every day – even days you’re not going out to meet women – read it over. Every day you have at least a dozen things you can do that will make you more attractive.

Plus, a lot of them will do everyone a lot of good in other areas of their lives as well. I use Love Systems in business and everyday life all the time.


3. Love Systems in The Economist

They managed to get a bunch of the facts wrong (a bit of a feat in such a small article), but I was pretty thrilled to open The Economist last weekend and see my favorite company profiled in my favorite magazine. Check it out at Love Systems in The Economist.

Of course, they made a mistake on Love Systems prices. Our bootcamps are $2,997, not the $5,000 that they quoted. And, they are available through payment plan now, so you can sign up for just $999.

Or if Day Game is your thing, you can get a seminar and in-field workshop led by Jeremy Soul for $1,495. That’s also available on payment plan from $747.

Not that The Economist has any excuse, since they didn’t come to a bootcamp anyway; they came to a session of Project Rockstar (which was a free 8-week program). Stuff like bringing wealth management gurus and so on is fun and important, but isn’t at all part of a Love Systems bootcamp.

Bootcamps are focused on the nuts and bolts of meeting and attracting beautiful women; read what happens in them in our bootcamp reviews.