Top Ten Mistakes Men Make While Approaching Women During The Day


If you ever do “Day Game” (or even if you don’t), you MUST read this article by Nick Hoss: The Ten Most Common Day Game Mistakes.

(Nick Hoss is a Love Systems instructor who was mentored and trained personally by none other than Jeremy Soul, the world’s leading expert in “Day Game.”)

Here’s the top 10:

  1. Taking too long to catch her.
  2. Too much distance between you and her on the approach or during the interaction (important).
  3. Too jerky tapping her on the shoulder/too much lingering initial touch.
  4. Not being deliberate with eye contact on the opener.
  5. Not using hand gestures for emphasis while speaking (this is one a lot of guys get wrong).
  6. Too many questions, not enough statements.
  7. Etc.

- - -

1. Taking too long to catch her - if you let a woman walk past you for more than three seconds, you’ll have to run to catch up with her. Your body goes from a calm state of walking to noticing the woman and getting anxious, to running and panicking. By the time you open, your chest feels constricted and you’re short of breath, all while you’re trying to smile and keep a steady tone. It’s too much.

Plus, if she sees or senses you running to catch up with her, she’ll be on the defensive from the beginning.

Instead, see the girl, tell yourself “I need to approach her,” turn and go. That’s it. Ride the pelvic rush and project some decisive masculine energy. All of your subcommunications align and you feel more in the moment when you spot and react. In turn, the gears in your mind lube up because you focus on the excited feeling, not “I have to do X, Y and Z when I finally reach her.”

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Nick Hoss is a Project Rockstar coach who will be situated in New York City from May until August 2011. He is available for day and night game one on ones and phone consultations anywhere in the world.