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Cajun Unleashes His Inner Player for Game Magazine

Canada has plenty of elite pick up artists, but when Game Magazine sought out the best they interviewed Cajun. Listen in as the master of body language discusses self confidence, inner game, and his powerful techniques on how to become your ideal self. You can also watch as the lucky Cajun gets to star in his own photoshoot with a hot blonde model!

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I Know Why She Rejected You Last Night

There’s only one thing worse than being rejected. And that’s getting rejected over and over because you repeat the same mistakes. Someone once said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” According to that, most guys at bars and co.....

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Go Direct | Direct Game | Direct Openers

This is so good I had to share it with you right away. My friend and colleague Josh Farmer has amazing skills with women. He uses the proven Love Systems approach – the time-tested techniques that let average guys like you and me attract and date beautiful women we’d never get otherwise. B.....

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Q&A: She wants to see you again!

In this issue, Q&A: Meeting women at the gym Seeing her after the first meet Sleeping with your roommate’s girlfriend (uh oh..) Love Systems opportunities – don’t miss out!   Q & A with Savoy Dear Savoy, Are gyms a good place to meet women? I see hot g.....

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Why having a disability can actually HELP your game.

Stop making excuses for yourself. Starting today. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called "Are You in the Soup?" It took aim at the myth that you could be too short, overweight, ugly, or poor to have beautiful women on your arm. One guy I wrote about is Mark, a prospective Love Systems instructor. Women love Mark. He is so good at Love Systems that if you saw him at a bar or a party, you'd think he was a "natural" - you would never guess that he, like most of us, had to LEARN how to be successful with women. Until you see that he only has one arm. When Mark read "Are You in the Soup?" he said he agreed with it, but it didn't go far enough. As someone who could have easily given up, he wanted to tell his story.

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Be More Confident - Set Goals

Have you reached all of your goals with women and dating? Are you dating and sleeping with the type of women YOU want, or are you settling? Is your sex life as good as you fantasized it would be when you were a teenager? If you've got it handled - or even if you haven't but you're on the right track and you know you'll get there someday - great. Skip the rest of this...Or is there some REASON why you will never have everything you want? In about 30 seconds, I will go through the most common reasons why guys think they are limited, and tell you how to overcome each one...

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Beliefs to Get the Girl

I've been thinking a lot about universal ways to improve my game, and one of the things that I'm always about is finding the permanent solution to a problem. So, in my quest to improve my game (and everybody else's) I've found that there are specific principles you can apply to your game that once you implement, you will create an "organic" improvement, meaning you won't have to think about it. It becomes natural to you (this is why I think I get called a natural a lot because it's really hard for most people to see what "principles" you operate under as opposed to techniques).

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Natural Game - Know What to Say

Ever wonder why some guys appear to just have natural game? The ability to know exactly what to say to women and it just flows naturally? We did, and we asked Love Systems dating coaches to explain how any guy can get "natural game" and get the girl!

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October 25, 2009


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Inner Game - Be Unreactive

Inner Game by Mr. M   Speaking of controversy, Love Systems now teaches an innovative, in-depth inner game program.  As you may know, I never used to be a fan of teaching inner game, since most everything I’ve seen so far seems to be airy platitudes that are as easy to forget as they are impr.....

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Can Being More Confident Raise Your Social Value?

As you get better at dating and social interactions, you should continually ask yourself the question, “How can I achieve more with less?” Part of this search for new methods stems from that fact that I am an introvert by nature and not a narcissist: I am not someone who naturally likes talking a lot about himself.  And yet in the last few years I learned that it was important to be able to demonstrate your value to others – it was unavoidable that many of these demonstrations would involve mentioning certain achievements or trappings I currently had in life.  So I asked myself the question, “How can I achieve greater value demonstrations with less talking about myself?”  

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