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Instant Dates

Most people will tell you that when you’re approaching women during the day (Day Game), you should work for an instant date. An instant date is where you go for a coffee or some kind of mini-date with a woman immediately after having met her.   This is because instant dates supposedly let you mo.....

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Don't Get Stood Up!

I probably should have seen this coming. At the end of last year, Jeremy Soul, already the world’s #1 Day Game Expert, was voted the pickup and dating instructor of the year at the 2008 PUA Super Conference. (Future won this year.)   Being famous makes you really busy, and we had to .....

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When is The Best Day to Call or Text a Girl for the First Time?

Short answer: The next day. Long answer: A good rule of thumb is to followup with a girl the next day from when you got her phone number. So if you got a girl’s number on Wednesday, followup on Thursday. The whole “wait a couple days” is BS. Apply the old school sales idea here; close it when it’s hot. Keep the emotional momentum going while you can. That’s why you want to follow up as soon as possible. She might not feel the same about you a couple days later from when you guys met.

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First Date to Getting the Girl - A Guide to Dating (Part 2)

The biggest mistake most men make in terms of Dates is going for the phone number as soon as she is attracted, and not pushing the relationship forward. Then they assume that the woman will meet them again, and they can continue where they left off, only to get “flaked.” They never meet up.

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Date Ideas - Impress Her for Free

Fortunately, Love Systems is not built on the idea of spending money to attract women.  You actually REDUCE your chances with most women if they think you’re trying to impress them by spending money.   Here are four quick rules for having successful dates even if you have to cut back on spending:.....

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First Date to Getting the Girl - A Guide To Dating

Don't be like any other guy who takes her on a boring movie date. Don't do that. Tell a woman she can "tag along" to stuff that you're already doing, or can arrange to have been already planning to do, with your cool friends. Remember, you need time to build comfort while keeping her attracted and challenged. We're going to teach you the exact opposite of "dating," because the Love Systems method has proven to be more efficient.

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October 01, 2009


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Dates, Value, Cooking at Home, and Why Congruence Matters, Part 2

Okay, so back to the questions from last week’s article. The biggest issues all seemed to add up to: “why did you say it’s important that dates start at your place?” with a bunch of permutations and what-ifs. So let’s try to cover as many of these as I can... in 2,000 words.

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Date Ideas - Impress Your Girlfriend

A lot of the dating science questions I get are pretty easy to answer. Other questions can often be handled in a paragraph or two. But sometimes, I get a question that touches on a bunch of interesting issues and would be helpful to a lot more people than just the person asking. An email I got yesterday is a perfect example of this, and with the author’s permission I am publishing both his question and my answer in today’s article.

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What to Talk About on The Phone - Phone Game

Your goal is to spend the maximum amount of time talking to women on the phone. First, let's talk some phone game theory. Men and women view the telephone very differently. Men view the phone as a tool that allows us to schedule our lives and arrange meet ups with our friends. For a woman,.....

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