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How to Talk to Women During the Day

Seven Day Game Tips You Can Use Right Now.....

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10 Ways to Get Better with Women

Hey guys,   Savoy here with a special LSi: one that I didn’t write at all!   But before I get to the good stuff, I just wanted to let you know that here at Love Systems we’re always looking for a few good men. We regularly post Love Systems internship opportunities on The Attract.....

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November 10, 2009


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Don't Miss Huge Opportunities with Mixed Groups and Other Guys

I want to clear up one of the biggest MISSED OPPORTUNITIES for guys. Even if you go to the bar or party or coffee shop and you approach every group of women there... You’re still missing out on the BEST opportunities: Mixed groups.

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How to Approach Women - Sitting

In any situation, you can always approach the table and use whatever conversation starter you would normally use. If there are extra seats at the table (or nearby chairs you can easily drag over), you can sit down while delivering a false time constraint. Sit in such a way that implies that you .....

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What to Say to Women - Examine an Interaction

In the past, we've occasionally used the "he said / she said" format (it's been one of our most popular features and we're always getting requests for more). First, I describe a dating situation from a man's point of view, and then look at the same events from a woman's perspective. Then we look at "what really happened" and break down the man's successes and failures. These examples usually raise a lot of issues, so the "what really happened" section usually includes references for more information on specific topics.

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Fashion - How Dressing Better Can Improve Your Chances When Approaching Women

On Fashion and Style We want to talk about some basic fashion and style tips that will make everything you do more successful. We'll also get into lifestyle a little bit. In the past, we've been reluctant to be too detailed about this stuff. Fashion and style is one way of conveying your identi.....

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What to Say to Women - Be More Social

The bad news is that opening can be very scary. Men are biologically predisposed to be incredibly nervous when starting a conversation with a woman that we don't know. There are good evolutionary-biological reasons for this (in prehistoric times, approaching an unknown woman without permission or an introduction could lead to violent retaliation from her extended family), but that's probably not a lot of comfort. So, that nervous feeling you get and the little voices that pop into your head looking for excuses NOT to talk to that beautiful woman are NORMAL. You need to learn to suppress them, but they are normal, and everyone - even Love Systems instructors - have them.

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Approach Women the Right Way

Do you know what it takes to approach women successfully? Test your knowledge!

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Tips for Being More Social - Approaching Groups

My question for you is this: what do I do when the woman I want to talk to is with other men? How do I get rid of them to get to the girl?   - B.K., Cherry Hill, NJ   Dear B.K., It sounds like you're off to a good start. But before I answer your specific question, I want to talk a.....

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Never Run out of Things to Say - Be Spontaneous

Making Your Own Routines Have you ever been talking to a woman and lost your chances with her because you "ran out of things to say?" Did you ever have an awkward pause and then resort to "So... what do you do?" Have you ever left a set because you really just drew a blank?     Implica.....

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