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Date More Women With This Trick

In this issue: Learn how to date more women by using a simple and easy trick. You can start tonight!   Hey man – I have a “weird” trick for you that you can use to date more women.  Last weekend at the bar, I met a very cute blonde (my weakness) but I had plans for later so I had to g.....

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Pick Up Lines - Approaching Her

Corny pick up lines can be fun to use when you're out in a bar, lounge or club. You should always make sure you deliver them with a smile or a grin on your face. Here are some of our favorites:

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How to Approach Women

Learning how to talk to women can seem like a daunting task. We can simplify this whole process by dividing your time with a woman into sections including: approaching, transitioning, attracting, qualifying, and building comfort.

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Best Pick Up Lines

The trouble with pick up lines is they don't really exist - there is no sentence that will magically press a woman's buttons and make her swoon into your arms. The first words you say to a woman - your 'opener' - can do one thing and that's start a conversation. It's only the first step to seduc.....

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Funny Pick Up Lines

What makes a pick up line work, and what constitutes a good one? Why do some guys just get women while others don't? How can I get more women... or the girl, that one girl? These are questions every man asks himself, and many guys in this day and age find themselves searching online for the a.....

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Pickup Lines to Get the Girl

The purpose of using a pick up line is to start a conversation with a girl you haven't met yet. This is also called a cold approach (and the ones you're most likely to do in a bar, nightclub, sidewalk during the day, etc.). Without a doubt you have more on your mind than just a nice conversat.....

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Cheesy Pick Up Lines

When you think of pick up lines, most people think of cheesy or silly conversation-starters like "What's your sign?" or "Is your father a thief? Because someone took all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes." Unless you use lines like this ironically, there's no way they'll work to a.....

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Pick Up Lines - Get the Girl

Everyone knows and has heard about pick up lines. Some are pretty cringe-worthy. But what's the alternative? Your mother or your female friends might tell you to just introduce yourself to a woman and to "be yourself" but that doesn't work either. The cold hard truth is that if you want to .....

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Get Her Number with Day Game!

What’s the most annoying thing in the world? For me, it used to be doing a great job on a tough pickup with a beautiful woman... and having nothing to show for it. Like this:

AFTER gathering my courage to approach a beautiful woman in the split second she is walking past me on the street (not easy)...

AFTER having a great, fun, fluid and flirtatious conversation (also not easy)...

AFTER getting her (real) phone number (also not easy)...

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Mistakes Men Make While Approaching Women During The Day

If you ever do “Day Game” (or even if you don’t), you MUST read this article by Nick Hoss: The Ten Most Common Day Game Mistakes. (Nick Hoss is a Love Systems instructor who was mentored and trained personally by none other than Jeremy Soul, the world’s leading expert in “Day Game.”) .....

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