The Real Story of The Real Savoy

Uncensored: The Real Story of The Real Savoy


Nick Savoy, founder of Love Systems, is celebrating the 5th anniversary of his blog, The Real Savoy, by giving you guys a very special gift...

He's compiled the very best of his blog posts on pickup and seduction to create one awesome, comprehensive book titled, Uncensored: The Real Story of The Real Savoy. And he's offering it to you FREE of charge!

It covers all the old favorites (approach anxiety, last minute resistance, friends with benefits), along with several situation specific breakdowns (holiday parties, High End Club Game, Spring Break) and the best PUA how-to's (How to get your Ex Back, How to Date a Porn Star) and checklists (10 Deadly Sins of Approaching, 6 Things NO Man Should be Without, 15 Laws of Attraction) you've ever come across.

Think of it as a supplement to the Magic Bullets Handbook. Once you've gone through all the basics, this book offers a ton of practical applications and examples of how the techniques you just learned have been used by the top dating coaches. It's like watching in-field training from your own home (or where ever you might be!).

In addition to Savoy's blog posts, Uncensored also includes classic field reports and insightful articles from other Love Systems Instructors - like Mr. M, Braddock, Cajun,  Soul, Future and others.

Don't miss out on this exclusive, expert, (often hilarious,) uncensored material - straight from the mind of Love Systems' fearless leader. 


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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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