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Vol. 16 On Value

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Demonstrating Value to a woman as you interact with her is essentially the basis of Love Systems. This volume covers all the different ways we can convey value to attract a woman and how value differentials influence all of our conversations. Attractions switches, tactics and personalization are all addressed making this the most comprehensive product on this subject available anywhere.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • The many different ways we can convey value to a woman with specific examples
  • How to use your personal strengths to display valuable qualities.
  • The differences between what men and women value.
  • Non-verbal tactics to create value
  • Why money and status are weak forms of value compared to internally based qualities.
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Quotes From The Interview

"A woman needs much different incentives than a man to take action sexually... That is what value is about."

"You should tattoo the attraction switches on your arm so you don't forget them."

What The Listeners Had To Say

"Very comprehensive."
RW - Georgia

"...great banter on a really important area."
BF - Washington

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