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Vol. 46 Last Minute Resistance

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Last minute resistance (often referred to as LMR) is what happens when you are able to take a woman home but for whatever reason, she decides she does not want to have sex. No always means no, however sometimes the woman wants you to help her change from "no" to "yes" and that's what this interview is about. Join instructors Starlight and Vercetti as they offer valuable advice on how to turn no's into yes's and reveal the secrets to avoiding the no's in the first place.

Some of the points covered on this interview are:

  • Why last minute resistance happens
  • Specific actions you can take to avoid last minute resistance
  • How you can counter last minute resistance
  • The difference between "token resistance" and last minute resistance
  • How to properly execute takeaways that will result in the woman allowing escalation to resume
  • How far you can actually push the interaction if you are receiving last minute resistance
  • What to do if you don't have sex with her that night
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Quotes From The Interview

"Girls in general love sex as much if not more than guys, and you just have to find the right path to sharing that experience together."

"Think logistically; in terms of leading, you have to create a seamless path when it comes to your seduction."

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