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Vol. 37 Issues In Qualification

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Qualification is a vital stage of the interaction that is commonly botched or overlooked altogether. If you tend to get a lot of flakey numbers and last minute resistance, or habitually fall into the friend-zone, this volume is highly recommended. On this interview, master instructors Mr. M, Sphinx, and Braddock share their advanced qualification methods and offer ways to avoid common mistakes.

This volume is a companion to Volume 8 (Qualification).

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Review on how to qualify properly.
  • Understanding "Hoop Theory" and compliance building.
  • Advanced methods of setting frames during Qualification.
  • Avoid common mistakes when transitioning from Attraction into Qualification.
  • How to make the girl feel she has won you over.
  • Secrets of getting girls to qualify themselves.
  • Introducing sexual hoops for same night lays.
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Quotes From The Interview

"Answering a question or a hoop is about compliance and you only comply if that person has value to you."
Mr. M

"Qualification shows that you are the sexual selector."

"Firing off a heavy compliment when you don't have value is a sure-fire way to destroy tension you might be building."

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