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Vol. 75 Intrigue Based Attraction (Chris Shepherd aka Tenmagnet and Big Business)

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Unlike state-based attraction where you use your high energy and intensity to command a girl's attention, intrigue-based attraction is a less "in-your-face" approach. With intrigue-based attraction, you exude an air of mystery while dropping occasional clues about yourself. When done effectively, these clues will pique her curiosity and encourage her to fill in the blanks.  Join master instructors Big Business and Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet) on this interview as they teach you how to get a girl to invest in you (and sometimes to the bulk of the work), simply by presenting yourself as an intriguing man.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:
  • What is Intrigue-Based Attraction and why does it work?
  • What are the differences between intrigue-based attraction and state-based attraction?
  • Are there places and situations where intrigue-based attraction is more/less appropriate?
  • What are some examples of things you can do to create intrigue-based attraction?
  • How does the rest of your game change when you're using intrigue-based attraction?
  • How do you convey being mysterious, dangerous, interesting, high-value, etc?
  • Can you use intrigue in the comfort stage?
  • What is kokology?


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Quotes From The Interview

"The appeal of doing intrigue-based attraction is that you left these blanks for her to fill in. In many cases they're gonna fill in these blanks with what they want...with what their ideal version of a man is."
Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet)

"Before she becomes intrigued by a thread you throw at her, she has to think you're worth knowing about in the first place."
Big Business


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