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Vol. 28 High-End Club Game

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Men are prone to sarge at high-end clubs, because these venues tend to attract exceptionally beautiful women, including models and celebrities. High-end clubs are exclusive and selective, but once granted entrance, you have automatic social proof and are seen by women in the club as having high-value. Therefore, gaming at high-end clubs can often enable you to trigger attraction faster than at a bar or lounge, and with a lot less work involved. On this interview, Mr. M and Sheriff share valuable information learned from their past experiences as club promoters.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • The best way to open sets at a high-end club.
  • Differences between gaming at high-end clubs as opposed to bars and lounges.
  • How to get past the long line and into the VIP area.
  • Getting to know the right people at the high-end club.
  • Pickup on the dance floor.
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Quotes From The Interview

"There are a lot of things in a club that could make girls emotional- there's other girls, high-value guys, music, lights, chemical stimulation, etc. If you want to turn up on her radar, you need to be more exciting."

"The point of the mini-isolation isn't to take her away from her friends. The point is that she doesn't see her friends, so the social pressure isn't there while you're trying to close her."
Mr. M

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