context of interaction, reframing, frame control, subcommunications, savoy, sinn
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Vol. 5 Frame Control & Subcommunications

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Frame control and Subcommunications are perhaps the most important overarching areas of pickup. Without proper understanding and control of them, the external tools we use are much less effective. On this volume, Sinn and Savoy discuss how to understand and consciously take command of your subcommunications and the frames you encounter in your interactions.

Some of the areas discussed are:

  • The different ways women test your frame and how to pass them
  • What you should be trying to subcommunicate with your actions
  • Maintaining control of your interactions without being overbearing
  • Common frames you will encounter in pickup
  • Short term pickup frames vs. long term relationship frames
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Quotes From The Interview

"A frame is the underlying context of an interaction."

"We ideally refuse to jump through their hoops while subcommunicating enough positive characteristics... so that she's impressed by us even as we turn the tables on her."

What The Listeners Had To Say

"...a great summary of what I thought was a fairly abstract area put into concrete useful terms."
JS - California

"Powerful stuff. I loved it."
KR - New York

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