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Vol. 7 Dealing with Men and Obstacles

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Women don’t tend to go out alone, so usually you’ll be dealing with her friends and other people when you want to meet her.  Sometimes there will be other men.  Sometimes the men (or women) will try to get in your way; we call them obstacles. 

Most guys are too afraid to approach big groups or groups with men in them – guys that DO make these approaches stand out in a good way.  After listening to this interview, you’ll have all the skills to be one of these men yourself.

Here is what this groundbreaking interview covers:
  • How to meet her even when she’s with friends or other guys
  • How to tell if any of the other guys is her boyfriend
  • How to turn an obstacle into an ally
  • Why you always approach mixed groups if you want a same-night situation
  • How to get her away from her group so you can get to know her one-on-one
  • How to handle difficult situations
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Quotes From The Interview

"If you ignore a mixed set because you are scared... you are short changing yourself."

"50-60% of girls aren't with the guys they are talking to."

"You're not there to beat guys. You're there to get girls."

What The Listeners Had To Say

"These are *awesome* tips for handling obstacles and AMOGS."
JK - Illinois

"Makes so much sense out of something that usually scares the hell out of me... I really loved this interview."
SW - Washington, DC

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