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Vol 63: Conversation Techniques

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Conversation between a man and a woman should ideally be fun and interesting for both parties. Even if you own both Routines Manuals and have plenty of material at your disposal, you will need to understand the framework of a conversation and know how to properly incorporate these routines into a conversation in order to keep it flowing. There are actually special techniques you can use to gather information about the woman, share your success stories and introduce certain topics, as instructors Soul and Starlight will share on this eye-opening interview.

Some of the points covered on this interview are:
  • Why conversation techniques are important
  • How conversation techniques fit within the Triad Model
  • What topics are good and bad to discuss
  • How to keep a conversation flowing
  • How you can tell if the girl is genuinely interested in the conversation
  • Where do most men go wrong in conversation?
  • What you can do if you run out of things to say
  • How to properly work routines into a conversation
  • What you can do if you're not used to conversing with strangers
  • How to avoid turning a conversation into an interrogation
  • Favorite conversation techniques used by Soul and Starlight


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Quotes From The Interview

"Conversation is the lubricant that takes you through every step of the emotional progression model and it's the means by which you can progress physically and make logistical changes"

"Guys tend to focus too much on the logic and facts behind what they're saying instead of the emotions and feelings"


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